Megan Thee Stallion has been hailed as an “iconic” artist by 1501 Certified Entertainment’s Carl Crawford, despite the pair being embroiled in a contentious legal battle.

Crawford’s comments come shortly after the label CEO and former MLB player issued an apology to Megan over their long-running feud, which dates back to 2019.

The issues began shortly after the Houston Hottie signed a management deal JAY-Z’s Roc Nation, allegedly without 1501’s knowledge.

Meg responded to 1501’s initial complaint by filing a lawsuit against the label, accusing them of blocking her from releasing music and refusing to renegotiate her contract.

An additional suit was filed against 1501 in February 2022 that asked a judge to declare her 2021 project Something For Thee Hotties as an album to help her fulfill her contract with the label.

Crawford and 1501 countersued shortly after, with Crawford dismissing the project as a “bullshit ass mixtape.”

While these legal disputes have seemingly yet to be resolved, Crawford took to Instagram on Wednesday (March 29) to shower Megan with praise ahead of her headlining performance at the AT&T Block Party in her hometown of Houston on Friday (March 31).

“The Queen of the Hotties and one of the most iconic female artists of our time will be touching down,” Crawford wrote. “We want the entire Community of Texas to help 1501 Certified Entertainment welcome Queen of the Hotties, Megan Thee Stallion, back to the City of Houston.”

He added: “IF YOU THINK YOU SAW MEG PERFORM BEFORE, THINK AGAIN! Wait till you see her tear down the stage on Friday as she’s gearing up for this New ALBUM, New WORLD TOUR, and New MOTION! “We look forward to continuing to support our 1501 artist, Megan Thee Stallion, in all of her future endeavors.”

Crawford previously told TMZ in February that he regrets falling out with Megan and hasn’t even spoke to her in four years.

“Me and Megan, we haven’t talked since 2019,” he said. “We’ve been going through, I guess, what you guys see online and it’s unfortunate because I never wanted to have a situation where I was, you know, going back and forth with her on the internet.

Megan Thee Stallion Scores Early Victory In $1M Legal Battle With 1501 Certified Ent.

Megan Thee Stallion Scores Early Victory In $1M Legal Battle With 1501 Certified Ent.

“I never had any problems with Megan Thee Stallion. It’s just the social media stuff, it turned really, really sour. You take this social media part out of it, we don’t have a problem … I’m done with that.”

He added: “You not gon’ hear me mention Megan Thee Stallion’s name in the media unless I’m doing something like this. You not gon’ see me texting or making a post or doing any of that stuff that would cause social media to go crazy.”

Megan Thee Stallion has yet to respond to any of Carl Crawford’s comments and has only recently begun to resurface after her high-profile trial involving Tory Lanez in December 2022, who was found guilty of shooting her in July 2020.