Meagan Good is not here for NLE Choppa shooting his shot, completely ending his attempt when he tried to do so – and it was all caught on camera.

The awkward moment went down while the Memphis native was a guest on REVOLT’s The Jason Lee Show, which aired on Wednesday (March 22). When the famed actress came up amid a game of Smash or Pash, a grinning Choppa couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about the “smash” option.

“I been waiting on her! Yes!” he exclaimed.

Wasting no time, Jason whipped out his phone and dialed Meagan up.

“You got Meagan number?!” Choppa asked as Jason called. “Aye on me, I been wanting to take her on a dinner. I wanna get some roses planned. I wanted to do like some real – some shit I never did before for Meagan Good. You know, I could be a preacher, all that. Whatever she want me to be.”

After the actress picked up, Jason explained the situation and passed the call along to his guest. Once Meagan greeted him and asked how he was doing, Choppa launched into his pitch. Unfortunately, it didn’t last very long.

“I’m extremely blessed,” NLE Choppa began. “Um I was just telling…”

And she hung up from there.

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On the same episode, NLE Choppa also opened up about texting Ice Spice, admitting he’d love to date her but hadn’t quite shot his shot.

“Ice Spice beautiful, man,” he said, adding that her popularity was partially due to her being “marketable.” Lee then asked if Choppa ever slid into Spice’s DM’s.

NLE Choppa Wants Threesome With Saweetie: 'Me & My Girl Gonna Have Fun'

NLE Choppa Wants Threesome With Saweetie: 'Me & My Girl Gonna Have Fun'

“I got her number, I hit her personally, we talking about music,” Choppa continued. “I don’t text her no more. She changed her number so I like from a distance. She do a lot of big things…Would I date her?…If she wanna go.”

NLE Choppa infamously named one of his new singles “Ice Spice,” which caught the attention of the “Princess Diana” rapper herself last November.

The Memphis rapper took to Twitter to reveal the song’s cover art, which features a cartoon version of Ice Spice inked up in all of NLE Choppa’s unique tattoos. “She thought I was feeling her. She was right,” Choppa wrote. “What y’all think?”

Ice Spice got wind of the track, and needless to say, she didn’t seem too flattered by the shout-out. “N-gga feenin gotta play it cool,” Ice Spice responded.

Choppa responded to Spice’s comments in a since-deleted tweet that read, “What jayda said these n-ggas Been on my bodyyyyyy.”