Marlon Wayans has questioned why JAY-Z has failed to invite him to his annual Roc Nation Brunch, which takes place prior to the Grammy Awards.

On Thursday (March 16), Marlon Wayans did a full-length interview with Big Boy. During the conversation, Marlon Wayans discussed his playful discrepancy with JAY-Z non-invitational actions. He started out by saying he “has a bone to pick” with JAY-Z, with Big Boy chiming in, saying “Oh my God bro, I got the same bone.”

“I get in Diddy party all the time,” Wayans said. “Diddy hit me, ‘Aye, like dat, come through, Ciroc, Deleon, take dat, take dat shot, come have a good time.’ Always! JAY-Z… crickets, crickets. And I be looking at that brunch like, ‘How the hell did he get in there?!’ You be having all these worthless ass people in this damn brunch.”

He continued: “JAY-Z is a funny dude. He listen to the streets. You ever hear that song, ‘Streets Is Watching?’ JAY-Z be listening to the streets so all we gotta do is talk about this and I guarantee you next year, I’m going to get an invite to the… and you gon’ be my plus 1 [referring to Big Boy].”

During the 53-minute interview, Marlon Wayans talked about his relationship with Tupac, his history with Big Boy, and more.

Check out Marlon’s comments at the 9:17 minute mark:

Marlon Wayans recently put his longtime friend Omar Epps on front street when he revealed a prank that Tupac pulled during the filming of Juice.

While the 50-year-old served as guest host of The Daily Show, Epps reflected back on the time he spent with the legendary MC while shooting the 1992 movie, revealing ‘Pac had a tendency to pull pranks on cast members.

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“‘Pac was a funny dude. [Omar] was sleeping like this and ‘Pac went and took his balls and put ’em out and put ’em right near Omar’s mouth,” said guest host Marlon Wayans.

“I was mad at Pac for that, though,” Epps added. “I was super mad. Like, ‘Yo, son, you really gonna do that?’”

Wayans said Epps’ problem was always how mad he got, and told his close friend he might have some anger issues.

“I don’t have anger issues, man,” the actor replied. “If somebody take their nuts out while you asleep like that, that would have went viral right now.”