Maino has aired out his personal grievances regarding Troy Ave and his alleged fake chain that he’s currently in possession of.

On Friday (March 31), the “Hi Hater” rapper went on a calm, but vicious tirade against the Brooklyn rapper in a 30-minute YouTube video.

“Troy Ave, you’re a very funny guy, man,” Maino began. “You’ve always been funny, you always amuse me. I always thought that you was comical. I never took you serious. I never believed, none of us ever did, we never believed you. The only person that thought that you was important was you, brotha.”

Maino continued by saying that he has no issue with Troy Ave because “you could’ve never been a problem for me.” From there, he expounded on why he’s in possession of the alleged fake chain in the first place.

“I brought something for you that I’ve been keeping on ice for a long time,” Maino said. “I been holdin’ this because I figured at some point, I’d have to put you back in your place. This is your Jesus piece. This is the Jesus piece that you wore every single day. You got up, you went to video shoots wit,’ you got up, you put this around your neck.

“You went to parties with this, you went to industry events with this. You did shows with this on. You took a lot of pictures with this on right here. Anybody that’s watching this can easily find pictures of this same chain around your neck.”

He continued: “The significant thing about this chain is, ’cause I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, Maino grimey, he got his chain.’ This is the chain that Troy Ave was wearing when he got into his scuffle at Irving Plaza. And the reason why I held this chain is, not because I didn’t want to give it back, but because I just felt like maybe one day I’d have to step on him and remind him of who he really is.

“This chain is fake. The reason why I’ve been pointing this chain out is because you’ve been a liar since day one. You’ve built a small career on lies. You’ve built everything on lies.”

Maino reiterated that there’s no beef between him and Troy, because he feels as if the rapper would fold and seek out legal counsel under pressure.

“This is not a beef between me and you,” Maino continued. “I’m not looking for you, right. It’s not gon’ come to that because we already understand what pressure is to you. Pressure is to you is that you become the prosecution’s star witness. We seen that. We witnessed that. I don’t want no smoke with that.”

Maino then talked about how Troy Ave has refused to take ownership for what happened during the shooting and killing of his bodyguard and BSB affiliate Banga at Irving Plaza during a T.I. concert in 2016.

“There’s a sense of accountability that you should have when you deal with your friends losing their lives, because I never want to put my friend in a situation where he lose his life, and I gotta face his brother,” Maino said. “If it was me, I wouldn’t be sittin’ in jail, making rhymes over the phone, none of that. Because it would be a little bit deeper for me if it was a friend of mine.”

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He then explained that he was scheduled to perform the night of the shooting and refused to give police a statement. After that, Maino repeated that Troy Ave needs to take responsibility for what happened that fateful night.

“My opinion is a fact,” he said. “You n-ggas came in with the energy, it didn’t go the way you wanted it to go and that’s that. I’m not saying you wrong for having the energy, I’m saying just what it is. If you came with the energy, stand on the energy.”

He continued: “Your reasons for telling [getting on the stand] is because what. It’s for two reasons. You wanted to get out of that situation with the guns you was caught with, right? That was your motivation for getting on the stand. Most people don’t know that in order to win that lawsuit, you gotta be a victim. You worked out a deal with the D.A. to get one year, when you were facing way more than that with the guns that you had. That’s the reason why you told.”

Aside from his issues with Troy Ave, Maino recently defended Taxstone in the wake of his guilty verdict when he was a guest on Angela Yee’s Power 105.1 radio show.

“I was there. It happened in the dressing room that I was occupying with me and Uncle Murda. We was performing that night – or we were set to perform that night,” he said. “My only issue with that is I just don’t agree with the narrative that’s been put out there as if Taxstone was there to try to look for a problem. Taxstone was actually there chilling.”

Taxstone was found guilty on Thursday (March 23) of shooting and killing of Troy Ave‘s bodyguard. According ABC News, a grand jury found Tax (real name Darryl Campbell) guilty of manslaughter in connection to the 2016 shooting of BSB affiliate Ronald McPhatter, also known as Banga.

Sentencing will take place in April.