Ludacris doesn’t get the love from Atlanta that he deserves because he spent too much time trying to be “friends” with New York – that’s according to Big Gipp.

The Goodie Mob rapper sat down for an interview with The Art of Dialogue published on Wednesday (March 1), during which he explained he was a huge fan of Luda. When asked to explain why he thinks Ludacris doesn’t get as much credit for what he’s done in the game, Gipp just chocked it up to NYC.

“Luda one of the best rappers that came out of Atlanta. Period,” Gipp said. “One of the greatest actors came out of Atlanta. His numbers are crazy — at least 15-20 million sold. Franchise Fast & Furious. You know, résumé just impeccable. But I feel that when you go to New York and you try to be New York friend, you get unrecognized.”

He continued: “Now when you say, ‘Fuck that. I don’t need ya friendship – respect me,’ then they have to check how they deal with you. See we never played friend to the industry. We was only friends to our peers and our counterparts in the game. And I think that’s where you won’t see Goodie Mob and OutKast recognized in a lot of places because hey man, y’all heroes ain’t my heroes and it ain’t gon’ ever change.

“And I ain’t gon’ do too much ball holding and stroking to nobody. So that’s what they don’t like about my crew. We holds no balls and we strokes no scrotum.”

He concluded his statements by adding: “The whole industry disrespects the south off top … The south gon’ always get the short end of the stick.”

One person Big Gipp is seemingly not that big a fan of is DJ Khaled. In an earlier-published clip from the same interview, Gipp questioned whether Khaled is actually as talented as people claim, while stating that the Miami-based producer is far from being “the best.”

“DJ Khaled is great at what he do,” Gipp said. “But I can turn around and look at a person that’s the real artist and that’s T-Pain. T-Pain really came through and really took it to another level. Song after song, hit after hit. Wrote, produce, singing, I just fuck with them type of artists, bro.

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“But every time you say you the best and I’m like, the first record that you can say that … that’s T-Pain. That’s not you. So I don’t understand. I don’t understand. It’s like shit, bro. I feel you, but when they say play your biggest records I hear nothing but that n-gga voice. So did you produce the track? Did you write the hook?

“But you producing how a record company produce it … but don’t be telling me you the best at what? Putting a record together? I ain’t mad at none of that. But all I’m saying is if you the best, if you the greatest, get out here and show me you can tour without any of them people rapping on your muthafuckin’ record.”

As for Ludacris, he’s been reminding people just how talented he is on the mic as of late. The Atlanta rapper and actor hasn’t put out a new album since 2015’s Ludaversal, but he’s been dropping a few freestyles online that not only fans but peers have been celebrating as well.

While there are no announced plans for a new project, Luda did note that, “Dis $hit Startin to feel FUN AGAIN.”