Logic has released a new documentary that focuses on the making of his final album on Def Jam, Vinyl Days — check it out below.

After leaving Def Jam earlier this year, the Maryland rapper announced on July 1 that he had signed to BMG, revealing that the new partnership would allow him to own his masters for the first time in his career. The move to BMG served as Logic’s first label change since dropping his debut album, Under Pressure, on Def Jam back in 2014.

On Thursday (July 14), Logic released the hour-long Vinyl DaysDocumentary, which chronicles his final few days at his old label as he wrapped his seventh studio album, Vinyl Days.

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“Leaving the only place I’ve ever known as a home for ten years,” Logic says of Def Jam at the end of the doc. “To then go be independent and really do it on my own, it’s a scary thing. It’s a lot of things that I think are like building up and like so much going on and I just feel tired man.

He continues: “They say one door closes and a window opens or something like that, but this is all my doing. I’m leaving the label I’m going to do what I wanna do, and this is what I wanna do. I wanna make raw Hip Hop shit and then I wanna go make a pop album.”

After announcing his move to BMG, Logic said he already felt more in control of his career.

“There’s a lot of bullshit in the music industry,” Logic said in a statement. “I’m just glad to move on to a place where I can be independent and respected as an artist, and feel like I’m in control of my career.”

Logic dropped Vinyl Days on June 17, which featured appearances from Action Bronson, Russ, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, RZA, AZ, The Game and others. The new documentary also arrives as Logic gets ready to head out on his Vinyl Verse Summer Tour with Wiz Khalifa, which kicks off July 27 in Irvine, California at the FivePoint Amphitheatre and ends on September 2 at the Hollywood Casio Amphitheatre in St. Louis, Missouri.

Watch the Vinyl Days Documentary below: