Logic has expressed some unpopular opinions over the span of his career, but his latest exchange with a member of his team backstage has left some fans bewildered.

On Saturday (June 3) the Maryland rapper posted a video on Instagram, in which he put his dad bod on blast. “You’re a bad bitch, Bob,” the clip begins with someone off-camera throwing Logic a compliment.



“I am the baddest — I am the DADdest bitch you’ve ever seen,” Logic responded to the praise. “Dad bitch,” the father of one, added. “I’m a dad bitch,” he concluded, shirtless as he walked away, running a comb through his hair as the camera spanned to an individual backstage rolling their eyes.

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“Feeling dad af lately #dad #dadjokes #daddy,” he captioned the bizarre backstage exchange.

Needless to say, fans were perplexed by the declaration claiming the 30-year-old rhymer is “too much.”

“Bahaha [laughing face emoji] @logic wthhh i swear you’re too much,” wrote one user. “Next Logic release be like… “I’m a dad ass bitch / And you’re caught up in the mix / Watch me spread this mix / Peanut butter is the fix,”  another user responded poking fun at future projects.

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The recent clip is just one of a handful in which the “Homecide” lyricist found himself to be the butt of the joke.

On Monday (May 29), Logic took to Instagram once more, where he posted a video highlighting his post-show cooldown and immediately drew criticism for both his bizarre technique and his overall physique.

“Homies won’t let me live after a hot ass show, Logic captioned the video clip, in which his friends clowned him for his cooling off technique. “Let me do me,” he closed the caption.



Logic’s friends weren’t the only ones to roast him, as his fans also got in on the action in the comment section. “Brooooo you need to work out!” one person wrote.

“Dude was literally Bobby Biceps like a year ago,” another commented, while a third wrote: “Logic fittin to be action Bronson he keep fucking around to young to be lookin sloppy like that. Hopefully gets his mind right start treating himself better.”