Lil Wayne‘s camp has issued a statement countering claims made by his former private chef, who recently filed a lawsuit alleging she was fired without reason.

In her lawsuit, filed on Tuesday (December 20), Morghan Medlock accused Weezy of wrongful termination and retaliation, among other things. Medlock alleged that she accompanied Wayne on a Memorial Day trip to Las Vegas and had to suddenly leave when she was notified that her 10-year-old had sustained a head injury that left him hospitalized.

The court documents claim that Lil Wayne delayed Medlock’s trip back to Los Angeles, then proceeded to ask multiple times if she intended on quitting her gig as his personal chef in the wake of the incident. Despite confirming that she had no intention on walking away from the position, Morghan Medlock said she was eventually formally fired.

The chef said her termination violates a California law that states it’s illegal to fire someone because they missed work to care for their sick or injured child. She is seeking at least $500,000 in damages.

However, an unnamed spokesperson for the Young Money boss told The Neighborhood Talk that Medlock’s termination had nothing to do with her family emergency, saying rather that she was let go due to a breach of privacy.

In a post sharing the statement, The Neighborhood Talk pointed to several TikTok posts in which she identified herself as Lil Wayne’s private chef.

@chefmorghan #ChefMorghan #MorghansKitchen #LilWayne #TikTokChef #Chef #PrivateChef #JetSetUp #WaynesWorld #CelebrityChef #ChefMorghansWay #JudgeYourMom #LaPrivateChef ♬ original sound – ChefMorghan

One such post found Morghan Medlock demonstrating the steps she takes to set up food and snacks on Weezy’s private flights. Others included captions such as “Chef Morghan Flying To Cook Lil Wayne Dinner” and “Lil Wayne’s Favorite Foods By Chef Morghan.”

The posts remain on Medlock’s publicly accessible TikTok page despite her recent termination and the subsequent legal action. Her Instagram account, on the other hand, is private.

Morghan Medlock is the second former employee to file a lawsuit against Lil Wayne this year. In August, his former personal assistant Andrew Williams sued the Young Money rapper after he was reportedly struck in the jaw during a dispute aboard a private jet.

In court documents obtained by RadarOnlineWilliams accused the defendants — Wayne, Young Money Entertainment and a company called Signature Flight Support — of assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, wrongful termination and negligence.

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The incident allegedly occurred on June 10, when Williams booked Weezy a private plane. Once aboard the jet, Wayne apparently started arguing with the pilot, and Williams felt he had to intervene in the conflict before it turned physical. Lil Wayne apparently didn’t appreciate Williams stepping in, and turned to him and allegedly connected a punch to his jaw.

Earlier this month, Weezy claimed self-defense and asked the judge to throw out the entire suit, noting Williams never received any injuries and that he rightfully fired him for not exercising “reasonable care and diligence.”

Williams had previously claimed he suffered emotional and physical distress as a result of Weezy’s alleged punch, and said he “incurred general damages including incurring medical expenses in amounts to be proven at trial.” He also cited “humiliation and mental anguish” that he experienced at the hands of the rapper.

Andrew Williams is seeking unspecified damages.