Lil Wayne has disputed reports that his net worth is over $160 million, saying he doesn’t “have a cent” close to that estimate.

Weezy sat down for an interview with Culture Millenials, where he said he’d often call his agent to clown him for not getting him more money.

“Honestly, I’m gonna let everybody know now,” Wayne said. “When you go check a muthafucka’s net worth and that shit be saying some crazy numbers, I don’t have a cent close to that shit.”

He continued: “Yeah, I don’t have that, but I guess they be meaning that’s what I’m worth. So I be always calling my agent and being like, ‘I’m telling you, bro, I’m gonna fire the shit out of you ’cause I don’t need you.’

“I Googled that, you know what I mean? I’m like I’m a zillion dollar n-gga on Google bro … It’s motivation, that’s all. It’s just motivation.”

Lil Wayne’s comments come just a few days after Forbes updated their estimation of JAY-Z’s net worth, which now reportedly stands at a staggering $2.5 billion, making him the 1,203rd wealthiest person on the planet.

While the publication didn’t detail how they arrived at that figure, it’s nearly double the $1.4 billion Hov was reportedly worth just a year ago.

Last October, Diddy also finally joined the billionaire boys club thanks to the continued success of his Cîroc partnership with Diageo, DeLeón Tequila and REVOLT network, among other assets.

In other Lil Wayne news, the New Orleans native was a major talking point on Twitter last week after Ebro Darden claimed 50 Cent would “wash” him in a Verzuz battle.

Lil Wayne Sells Miami Mansion For $28M — Almost Double What He Paid For It

Lil Wayne Sells Miami Mansion For $28M — Almost Double What He Paid For It

The outcome of a potential 50 Cent vs. Lil Wayne contest was hotly debated on Apple Music’s Rap Life Review, with Eddie Francis disagreeing with Ebro that the G-Unit general would overpower the Cash Money Millionaire.

“I seen that and I was like, ‘What?!’ In what world?’” he said. “I’m not even here to say 50 could beat Lil Wayne, but to say that 50 would wash Lil Wayne? In no dimension, in no world, in no — just no! That would not happen.”

Lowkey also wasn’t quite in agreement with Ebro that 50 Cent would “wash” Lil Wayne, but claimed that Weezy would struggle to compete with Fif in the Verzuz ring if his setlist wasn’t airtight.

“Wayne don’t have a Get Rich or Die Tryin,‘” Low said. “We’re talking about a Verzuz battle, right? We’re not talking about what we like. We’re not talking about what we grew up on. We’re not talking about what we listen to when we’re in the kitchen cooking or driving down whatever highway in L.A. that you drive down.”

JAY-Z’s longtime engineer Young Guru also weighed in on the debate on Instagram, writing: “Y’all are crazy. Wayne would wash 50. Period.”