Lil Pump was in a giving mood earlier this month when he gifted a pair of Nike Air Force One sneakers off his feet to one of his fans, and apparently, that fan tried to come up big.

Last week, a TikTok user shared a video recounting the sneaker giveaway at the 2023 Sneaker Con event on January 7 in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. In the clip, the lucky fan shared how he convinced the “Gucci Gang” rapper to come up off his kicks and wasted no time trying to sell the pair for $1,000 at the event.

On Lil Pump’s Instagram page, the rapper shared a video of himself speaking with the kid, who appeared to be shocked that such a moment was happening. The Florida native signed the pair for authenticity reasons, and the kid admitted he was just joking about selling the kicks and instead would keep them in his room.

Despite being barefoot for a short period at the Sneaker Con event, Lil Pump reportedly purchased a large amount of rare footwear. In May 2022, Pump lost a game of rock, paper, scissors to a fan and had to buy them a pair of sneakers in return.

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While he has the money to purchase new kicks and a wide collection of pairs to model, Lil Pump doesn’t have a sneaker collaboration on his résumé like most of his peers do. The latest artist to get a sneaker collaboration is the late Notorious B.I.G., who is receiving his very own limited edition Air Jordan 13 sneaker to commemorate Hip Hop’s 50th birthday this year.

The sleek new sneakers were unveiled on the legendary rapper’s official Instagram page and were announced as a collaboration between the shoe brand and The Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation. The Christopher Wallace Air Jordan XIII’s are now available for auction, with bidding starting at $1.

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“In a moment to champion self-belief, @jumpman23, The Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation and @sothebys collaborated on a limited release of the Christopher Wallace Air Jordan XIII in honor of the #JORDANYEAR (2023), and the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop,” the caption read. “23 pairs of The Christopher Wallace Air Jordan XIII are now open for bidding through 3 February, with bids starting at $1.”

It continued: “Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Christopher Wallace Memorial Foundation, which aims to empower inner city youth with educational learning instruments, sponsorships, grants and community-based mentorship programs and campaigns, all in line with its motto, Think B.I.G.’ Books Instead of Guns.’

The super-rare kicks will also be on public exhibition at Sotheby’s New York galleries from Monday (January 23) until February 3.