Lil Nas X has responded in true form to a pair of Twitter users who called his sexuality into question after a clip from a recent performance went viral.

On Friday (March 17), a self-described Nicki Minaj “stan” account posted a clip of Lil Nas X’s set at Lollapalooza Chile, during which he performed a new Saucy Santana-assisted single, while rocking a cornrowed ponytail hairstyle and twerking on stage with his backup dancers.

The clip was paired with a caption that read, “I feel like he’s not really gay or not really that feminine it’s so forced.”

The “Montero” rapper quoted the original tweet on Saturday morning (March 18), adding a sarcastic and dismissive caption of his own: “Oh no guys it’s the estrogen expert.”

The original tweet had gotten Saweetie into some hot water on Friday after fans noticed that she had liked the post, despite its less than supportive or positive message.

However, according to the Icy Girl, she liked the tweet without understanding its context. She promptly removed the like and issued an explanation via a tweet of her own.

“He was lookin fine af that’s why I liked the video. I didn’t see the shadiness…(*unlikes*),” she tweeted.

Just before catching wind of the tweet featuring his performance clip — which has garnered over 7 million views as of this writing — Lil Nas X clapped back at another troll with similar allegations.

Retweeting a different Lollapalooza snippet from a different source, Twitter user @FoluShaw wrote, “One day we will realise that Lil Nas X is not gay. He just finessed the LGBT community and got to the bag. [rocket emoji]”

Lil Nas X responded in jest, once again, with a very specific description of the lengths he’d be willing to go to prove his sexuality… even he would still be met wit skepticism.

“Do i have to give head at 3:45 am behind a mcdonalds in chicago on a friday night during the middle of pride month while streaming on twitch and ig live for y’all to realize i am really a fruitcake,” he asked.

While he never shies away from confronting his online critics, Lil Nas X is also quick to defend himself when needed.

Lil Nas X Shares New Details On ‘Montero’ Follow-Up

Lil Nas X Shares New Details On ‘Montero’ Follow-Up

In a tweet on Tuesday (March 14), the “Old Town Road” rapper admitted he was in the wrong for a failed joke about transitioning on social media. The joke in question has since been deleted, but featured a photo of a woman that bared a resemblance to him with the caption: “The surgery was a success” alongside a heart emoji.

“Apologies to the trans community i def handled that situation with anger instead of considering why it was not cool,” Lil Nas wrote in his apology. “Much love to you guys. sorry.”

The topic wasn’t done there, however, as a fan then responded and said his “fake” apology wasn’t enough. To that, Nas X simply wrote: “girl eat my ass.”