Chehalis, WA - 

Lil Mosey has avoided a potential life sentence after being found not guilty of rape.

According to XXL, the Seattle-raised rapper (real name Lathan Moses Stanley Echols) was cleared of all charges by a jury in Chehalis, Washington on Thursday (March 2).

Mosey was charged with second-degree rape after a woman claimed he and another man named Francisco Prater sexually assaulted her at a party in Randle, Washington in January 2020.

The “Blueberry Faygo” hitmaker — who also passed multiple polygraph tests prior to the trial, which began on February 22 — took to social media to celebrate his acquittal.

“Spent 2 years of my life going thru the storm and I’m happy to say that God finally brought the truth to light. Thank you,” he wrote on Instagram.

In a statement, Mosey’s attorney Shane O’Rourke said the verdict “vindicated” his client’s not guilty plea while accusing prosecutors of “unwilling to accept the evidence of his innocence” throughout the almost two-year case.

“Mosey maintained his innocence from the start and has now been cleared of all charges,” O’Rourke said. “He voluntarily submitted to two lie detector tests and passed each of them prior to trial. The prosecutors were unwilling to accept the evidence of his innocence after two years of investigation and proof.

He added: “Mosey has been completely vindicated and didn’t deserve to ever be prosecuted.”

Lil Mosey was originally charged with rape in April 2021. The alleged victim told police she and her friend met up with the rapper (who was not yet 18 at the time) and his friends at a cabin, where they wound up indulging in White Claws and champagne.

Although one of the alleged victims initially consented to having sex with Mosey in a vehicle, she eventually blacked out. A short time later, she alleged Mosey climbed on top of her and plied her legs apart so he could have sex with her again.

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Once she came to, the woman says Prater — who was also charged with second-degree rape and is due to be tried separately — was forcing himself on her. Fellow co-defendant Joshua “Band Kid Jay” Darrow allegedly restrained the woman.

In the affidavit, the alleged victim says she suffered injuries, including bruises on her arm, neck and inner knee. She also claimed she received a message from one of the people at the party that said Mosey and another guy had discussed “training two girls.”

The since-resolved rape case isn’t Lil Mosey’s only brush with the law. In August 2020, the Interscope signee was arrested for gun possession after Burbank, California police discovered three loaded 9mm semi-automatic pistols in his Cadillac Escalade.

Mosey was cuffed along with his bodyguard/driver and a friend, who were also in the vehicle. Since neither of them claimed two of the three weapons, all three were booked on felony concealed weapons charges. Mosey was later released from police custody after posting $35,000 bail.