Lil Durk has been feuding with 6ix9ine for some time now, and after offering a $50million boxing match to duke it out, he has some additional thoughts to share.

During Durkio’s recent visit to Akademiks’ On The Record podcast, the Chicago native opened up about the beef and what he wants – and doesn’t want – to happen.

“‘Cause I’ma knock all your teeth out your mouth,” Durk told Ak when asked about why he’s mainly left 6ix9ine alone aside from the recent boxing challenge. “That’s all I’m thinking in my head – I’ma see you, I’ma knock all the teeth out your mouth.”

He continued: “I don’t want nobody dead. Why I want you dead? Give me a good reason why I want 6ix9ine dead. What did you do that somebody else ain’t do on YouTube or something?”

Earlier this month, Lil Durk shared a screenshot of a DM conversation with the rainbow-haired rapper on Instagram where he challenged him to an eight-figure bout in Dubai later this year.

“I dont want you hurt or dead you a kid from the burbs I got 50 million my own money without help to fight you on tv in [Dubai] we can double the money 3 rounds,” he wrote in a message to 6ix9ine. “go talk to your rich friends lets set it up [September] – stop the violence lol.”

In his Instagram caption, Durk proposed being walked out by his friend, pro boxer Gervonta “Tank” Davis, who he escorted to the ring in 2021 for his lightweight title fight against Isaac Cruz (which Davis won).

“Stop the violence put the guns down big man! 50million of my own money to box in Dubai safely, let’s go Migo – September? @gervontaa walk me out,” he wrote.

Lil Durk Shoves Heckler During Netherlands Concert - Prompting Fresh Wave Of 6ix9ine Taunts

Lil Durk Shoves Heckler During Netherlands Concert - Prompting Fresh Wave Of 6ix9ine Taunts

6ix9ine responded to Durk’s DM by dismissing his challenge as an attempt to drum up attention for his forthcoming album Almost Healed, which arrives on Friday (May 26).

“It’s so funny because I know you on album press run [crying face emoji] U need anything to promote this album since nba young boy not biting the bait,” he wrote, referencing Lil Durk’s recent back-and-forth with his bitter rival.

He then offered to fight the OTF frontman behind closed doors, writing: “But I wanna fight you for no money[.] For free[.] Come to Miami let’s get a hotel room and just throw down 1 on 1.”

Unimpressed by his suggestion, Smurk wrote back: “Bait ? Hotel ? Aw naw I’m cool enjoy your day … I’m not worried bout [sales] I just wanted to beat your ass [for] some money.”

6ix9ine has yet to respond.