Lil Baby’s 4PF signee Rylo Rodriguez admitted to spending four figures on a weekly lean habit last year; the clip has now gone viral and fans are shocked by the admission.

Rylo made the revelation in an interview with Awaiz Dawave but this portion of their chat seemed to catch fire on social media this week.

“On lean a week? Hold on … Probably like $4,000. Probably like $4,000 — $3,800,” he calculated. “I did it weekly. That’s three days [and] three a pint. It depends like $3,200 — three bands.”

Check out Rylo Rodriguez’s interview clip below:


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Many fans jumped into Awaiz Dawave’s comment section baffled at hearing such a large number allocated to drugs every week.

“I like him but we gone be lucky if he finish the year with us,” one fan wrote last month, while another added: “U can deadass get a real pint over here for $400 taxin y’all rappers.”

The conversation carried over to Twitter where blogs reposted the staggering sum consumed by Rylo in a weekly fashion.

“That’s a dopefiend. Plus lean is similar to heroin in its side effects and withdrawals,” a Twitter user chimed in.

While Rylo Rodriguez dodges sobriety with a hefty check north of $200,000 per year, plenty of other rap associates such as Lex Luger, Pooh Shiesty and Sada Baby have kicked their drug habits in the past.

I remember waking up, Po up a 4, light up some blunts and be basically sleep walking thru the mall high and blowing …. Man I have changed and I’m so proud of myself,” Lex Luger tweeted in December. “Like if you have changed for the better.”

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Luger opened up about his “rich junkie” lifestyle involving an array of Percocet, Xanax and Molly. He felt he couldn’t make a “decent beat” without getting high.

Also I would be on Xanax, percs, and probably Molly I was stone cold rockstar aka rich junkie,” he wrote. “That shit ruined my craft and killed my drive and ambition. I literally couldn’t make a decent beat without getting so high out of my mind. God has blessed me to make it out alive.”

Sada Baby claimed he used to shell out an estimated $10,000 to $20,000 weekly on lean.

“Ain’t spent 10-20k a week on lean in longer than a year, ain’t bought over 5 perks in two months,” he wrote. “Ain’t smoked a cigarette in two months. Suck my dick n celebrate my sobriety.”

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