Latto is set to launch her own talk show on Apple Music, and her “For the Night” collaborator Chloe Bailey will join her as her first guest.

Titled 777 Radio, the show will debut on Thursday (March 30) at 11 a.m. PST on Apple Music’s global live-streaming radio station. In a trailer to announce the show, Latto dons a flight attendant uniform as she welcomes her future listeners.

“Welcome aboard 777 Air. I’m Big Latto, and I’ll be your flight attendant today,” she says over the intercom in the clip. “Please make sure to put the BS on airplane mode and leave all your baggage at home. ‘Cause we goin’ outside, baby. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.”

Check out the trailer below.

According to a press release, Chloe and Latto will be discussing relationships, body image and more on the show’s premiere episode. They’ll also likely discuss Chloe’s hit show Swarm, which recently had social media on fire over the singer’s raunchy sex scene with co-star Damson Idris.

Latto also described what to expect of the overall show in the press release.

“I’m going to keep it very personal and play what I actually listen to,” Latto said. “I’m going to highlight new artists that I feel like the world needs to hear, artists that I think deserve more spotlight. I listen to a lot of female rap, so definitely supporting the girls, and definitely a lot of Southern music.”

Nicki Minaj fans have had it out for Latto since the pair’s social media spat in 2022, often accusing the 777 rapper of copying her predecessor. With Nicki recently moving her Apple Music show Queen Radio over to Amazon for its new season, their respective fan bases are already chattering over the move online.

Latto Crowned Top Female Rapper Of 2022 By ‘Billboard’

Latto Crowned Top Female Rapper Of 2022 By ‘Billboard’

“Apple Music snatching Nicki Minaj’s radio deal and giving it to Latto [crying emojis]? Ahh we love to see it,” one Latto fan wrote.

“I bet nicki was calling apple and cussing them out over latto,” another said.

Queen Radio initially launched on Beats 1 Radio in 2018 to promote Minaj’s fourth studio album of the same name. In 2021, Nicki announced she had left Apple Music after fellow podcast host Joe Budden asked about its status.

According to Nicki, Apple Music’s Global Creative Director Larry Jackson gave his blessing for her to explore new channels, and she announced last March that she’d be bringing the show to the Amazon app AMP in an exclusive partnership. The new season premiered earlier this month.