Kodak Black will have to check himself back into a rehab facility following a court hearing this week regarding his recent failed drug test.

On Tuesday (February 28), Miami’s Local 10 News reported that Kodak Black and his legal team appeared in a Broward County courtroom to explain what happened with the failed random mandatory drug test from earlier this month. According to Yak’s lawyer, the rapper was out of town when he was asked to do the first test, and he even said the second test he took was a mix-up.

“There’s just so much with this that’s unjust and not right about this situation,” Kodak Black said during the hearing. “Not only am I denying it, but I’m hurt about it too because my character is being assassinated and I can’t speak about all that because I don’t wanna make the story bigger than what it is… All the good deeds, all the good things I do never goes viral and I don’t know why.”

Kodak found himself in this situation after authorities claimed he failed to submit to random drug and alcohol testing on February 3. He managed to take the tests on February 8, but they came out positive for Fentanyl. A judge revoked Yak’s release and signed a warrant for his arrest.

At the courtroom, Kodak’s legal team argued their client had never tested positive for Fentanyl and has been seeking treatment for addiction to other drugs. Kodak’s lawyer Bradford Cohen claimed the lab might have mixed up his urine sample due to a star-struck employee handling the tests.

The employee testified it was probable that an error in the tests could’ve been made. Judge Barbara Duffy took note and told Kodak a hair sample could be taken to determine whether he had drugs in his system, but he refused and was ordered to enter rehab for 30 days.

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Checking back into rehab shouldn’t be much of a problem for Kodak as he had to do the same thing back in 2021. The 25-year-old completed a 90-day treatment program for drug addiction after failing a drug test, a violation of the terms of his supervised release in his federal gun case.

Meanwhile, Kodak Black has refused to work with Drake due to his close working relationship with 21 Savage.

The Florida rapper was planning to drop a whole project with the 6 God, but as he explained on Instagram Live earlier this month, the release of Drizzy and 21’s Her Loss album last November made him reconsider.

“I had told Drake I ain’t wanna do no collab actually,” he said. “No songs or no album, ’cause we supposed to been did a whole album together before him and lil buddy did that shit.”

He added: “I had told him I wanted to wait, like 2023, after February.”