Khia has thrown shade at Saweetie over the latter’s decision to flip her hit song “My Neck My Back” on her 2017 track “ICY GRL.”

While numerous other rappers have revamped the raunchy 2002 hit, the Thug Misses rapper admitted plainly that she “doesn’t like” Saweetie and wishes she never touched her song.

“Least favorite would be Saweetie … I don’t like her,” she stated when asked by interviewer Jamari Bailey about her least favorite “My Neck My Back” sample. “I didn’t think she did it any justice.”

Khia continued by making fun of Saweetie’s name, referring to her as Sweet Pea.

“I didn’t even like green sweet peas when I was young,” she said. “You like green peas? Do you know how green peas taste?”

Khia acknowledged that she thought YG and City Girls‘ use of her signature track on their songs “Pop It” and “Fuck That N-gga,” respectively, was “okay,” but admitted no one has really blown her away yet.

“Nobody have gave it justice yet,” she said.

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“Icy Girl” appeared on Saweetie’s 2018 debut EP High Maintenance, and served as her first hit song after a video of her freestyling over “My Neck, My Back” had gone viral a few months prior to the track’s official release.

Saweetie fans are still patiently waiting for the Bay Area rapper to drop off her long-awaited debut album Pretty Bitch Music, but she admitted earlier in March its delay is partially because of her Zodiac sign.

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Trick Daddy Trashes Khia For Slandering Trina: ‘We Not Singing That Ugly Hoe Verse’

“Girl, hopefully by the end of this year,” she jokingly said when asked about the project in an interview with E! News. “Honestly, it’s like, it’s a balance of just, um, excitement and stress because I want to put it out, but it’s also just that stress of like, dang, I been on the scene for awhile.”

She continued: “It was supposed to come out the year before, last year, the year after that, so it’s just kind of like, I’m trying to make all the songs make sense because when I put out this album. I want people to really understand my story.”

“[The album] gotta sound cohesive. You know? I feel like a debut album isn’t something you just put out or something you play with. I don’t know, maybe I’m overthinking. I’m a Cancer so I overthink sometimes, but I think you have to be really careful with that and I take my art really serious.”

Revisit “ICY GRL” below.