Kevin Durant has decided he’s siding with 50 Cent if the G-Unit boss ever decided to step into the Verzuz ring and face off against Lil Wayne.

The NBA superstar recently sat down for another episode of The ETCs where he and co-host Eddie Gonzalez debated the potential Verzuz bout, and Durant has 50 reigning victorious.

“I wouldn’t say 50 is going to flat-out wash Wayne,” he began. “I won’t say that out of respect for Wayne. But it’s not going to be a clear-cut win for Wayne against 50 Cent, and these records that he has from ’02 to, let’s say, ’07.”

“50 is — he’s one of the greatest — that five-or six-year period for G-Unit, and 50 was incredible. It’s like one of the best runs of all time in Hip Hop. A lot of people said that Wayne would just wash 50. And we definitely disagreed on that.”

Durant continued: “And he still a monster. A lot of shit and he’s had a 20-year run based off of what he created back then and saw many avenues that he built off of that run and had so many pivots in his career. 50 is one of the greatest.”

Check out KD’s interview below:

The debate caught fire on social media last month after Apple Music’s Low Key said Weezy would have a “long fucking night” if he were ever to battle 50 Cent. Hot 97’s Ebro Darden agreed that 50 would win, going as far as to say Fif would “wash” Wayne.

“What Jadakiss did to Dipset…Is what 50 will do to Wayne… @yourboyeddie wasn’t outside in the mid-2000s,” Ebro added on Twitter.

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However, Verzuz co-founder Swizz Beatz doesn’t forsee ever pitting Wayne and 50 Cent against each other in a future battle.

“Me personally, I wouldn’t even do 50 vs. Wayne – they two different dynamics and two different artists,” Swizz told Baller Alert.

“I would do a different Verzuz for both of them, but we’ll see as we have a lot of things lined up for Verzuz, and hopefully, they are involved. While I can’t give up who I would choose to go against them, just wait and see.”

As for when fans can expect the Verzuz series to return, Swizzy said “ASAP,” adding that the under-construction sign will soon be “taken off the glass.”