Manchester, England - 

Kehlani was reportedly sexually assaulted during a performance in the U.K. this week.

The Oakland-born singer performed in Manchester, England on Monday night (December 12), where they wrapped up the European leg of their Blue Water Road Trip Tour.

Kehlani later hit the stage at The Printworks, another venue in central Manchester, for the official after-party.

Following her performances, Kehlani reportedly posted a message on their Instagram Stories alleging they had been inappropriately touched while being escorted through the crowd after one of the shows.

“I’ve made video after video after video and deleted it because i don’t want any video of me as angry, triggered, crying upset as i am anywhere,” she wrote in the post, which has since been deleted. “i don’t care how sexual you deem my music, my performances, my fun with my friends dancing at clubs, or ME….

“that does not give any of you the right to cross a boundary like sticking your hands up my skirt & pulling my underwear to TOUCH MY GENITALS as i am being escorted through a crowd after performing.”

Kehlani added: “this shit made me sick to my stomach. as a victim of sexual assault, i am endlessly triggered and mindblown.”

Kehlani’s manager David Ali posted footage of Kehlani performing at her concert and after-party on his Instagram Stories. However, it’s unclear where the alleged sexual assault took place.

HipHopDX has reached out to Kehlani’s team for comment.

UPDATE (15/12): A rep for the O2 Victoria Warehouse has told HipHopDX that the alleged sexual assault did not take place at its venue.

As their since-removed Instagram Story circulated online, a number of fans flocked to social media to express their shock and outrage at the culprit’s alleged behavior, as well as offer their support to the 27-year-old singer.

“my heart hurts for kehlani.. y’all know damn well y’all do NOT have that access to her!!! it’s disrespectful and disgusting,” one fan wrote.

“kehlani is nothing but the sweetest angel to walk on this earth & the fact some of you have absolutely no respect for her is just disgusting,” another added.

Kehlani has previously opened up about their past experience with sexual assault and the struggle they endured after realizing they were a victim of rape.

“There is nothing I can say that is new, that I feel like is providing a real take, that I feel isn’t gonna take away from the conversation,” they said on an episode of her Sunday Gems podcast in 2019.

“I don’t want to add more hurt, I don’t want to add more pain. All I want to say is, ‘Sending love to everybody who’s on a healing path right now, and sending love to everybody who needs it. And if you’re apologizing for abuse, you’re disgusting. Suck my dick.'”

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The two-time Grammy nominee has also been a vocal supporter of other sexual assault victims, namely those targeted by Superfly actor/rapper Kaalan “KR” Walker, who was sentenced to 50 years in prison in October for raping multiple women.

“I did not forget who tore down victims of sexual assault when this came out,” Kehlani said in an Instagram video following Walker’s conviction. “I did not forget what bloggers and what blogs and what platforms felt like they had to play neutral and give a rapist a platform for the sake of clicks and views when this came out.

“I hope all y’all beat the fuck out of your own ass. I hope you eat your fucking words. This man is going to jail for the rest of his life, guilty as hell. And it’s crazy that it took this, it took this, for y’all to believe it ’cause it should’ve been believed when it came out. I hope you feel like shit.”