The lawsuits seemingly never stop piling up on the desk of Kanye West. Another one discovered by TMZwas filed earlier this year when production company Phantom Labs sued Yeezy in May for just over $7 million in unpaid services.

Phantom Labs allegedly worked with Kanye to produce four events within 18 months, including four Sunday Services, Miami’s Donda 2 listening event, the Free Larry Hoover Concert with Drake in Los Angeles, and they were set to work with Kanye on Coachella before he pulled out of the festival.

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Phantom attorney Howard King claims payments were coming in until about February 22 when Ye’s bill inflated to over $6 million. The company was allegedly on the hook for another $1.1 million in cancellation fees related to Kanye’s shelved Coachella performance, bringing the sum up to $7.1 million.

Apparently, Kanye agreed to use nearly all of his $8 million payday from performing at Coachella to cover the production costs, but once he backed out, Phantom Labs was left holding the bill.

Kanye West Sued By Fashion Rental Service For $400K

The production and design company is suing Kanye West for a breach of contract.

Elsewhere, Kanye was sued by a clothing rental service for $400,000 back in July after allegedly renting an array of garments for a shoot in March 2020 but not returning over a dozen of the items.

David Casavant Archive filed the suit claiming Yeezy owes the NYC-based stylist over $400,000 with $221,000 accumulated in fees on top of the unreturned garments.

The fashion service alleges Yeezy’s payments stopped hitting their bank account in October 2020 but he continued to keep the items. They’ve been in business with Kanye since 2014 and this is the first issue they’ve run into with the billionaire artist.