Juice WRLD‘s name has disappeared from the cover artwork for his 2020 collab track with The Kid Laroi — however, the Aussie rap star said he isn’t sure why.

On Friday (March 24), a Juice WRLD fan account (@x2bucky) shared a photo of the new cover artwork of the pair’s collaborative track which was released one year after his death. The multi-Platinum rap star was only 21 at the time of his death.

However, something was noticeably different on this piece of artwork: Juice WRLD’s name was missing.

Following the fan account’s post, and fans causing an uproar over the “Bandit” rapper’s name being removed, The Kid Laroi quote tweeted the post and responded to the drama head on. The “Stay” rapper made it clear he had “nothing to do” with the change and that it came from his label.

He also noted that he would contact his label to get Juice WRLD’s name back on the artwork.

“I had NOTHING to do with this & had no idea it was even a thing until now. I’ve hit the label and asked them to change it back,” he wrote on Twitter Sunday (March 26). “I’m sorry & genuinely have no clue why it was changed without my permission.”

Juice WRLD and The Kid Laroi’s ties run deep, as the pair reportedly met while the “Wasted” hitmaker was on tour in Australia a few years back. After Juice WRLD’s death, LAROI spoke with Our Generation Music, about his late friend and the gems he was able to soak in from Juice.

“I would observe a lot of the shit he was doing,” he said about his time spent with Juice. “Just being around him, I’ve always been a quiet person depending on who I’m around, but I don’t like to speak a lot, especially when I could be observing something great.”

Juice WRLD’s Final Posthumous Album Is 'In The Works'

Juice WRLD’s Final Posthumous Album Is 'In The Works'

LAROI continued, “So I was just observing a lot of the stuff he did. People always think he gave me a fucking rule book on how to record, but it was really just me observing. The stuff that he told me out of his mouth was just personal shit and life shit and how to navigate feelings and stuff like that.”

In other Juice WRLD news, the rapper’s estate has reportedly sold off the majority of the late rapper’s catalog in a nine-figure deal quietly negotiated in the early months of 2022.

According to Billboard, independent record label and music publisher Opus Music Group now owns 90 percent of the late Chicago rapper’s publishing and the rights to 90 percent of the income derived from his master recordings.

The deal included not only the massive output of Juice WRLD music that has already been released to fans — two albums in life; two posthumous albums; a collaborative mixtape project with Future; a solo mixtape and nine EPs — but also hundreds of unreleased songs.

The rapper’s label partners, Interscope Records and Lil Bibby‘s Grade A Productions, retained ownership of Juice WRLD’s masters.