Janelle Monáe has been proudly putting her body on full display lately, but her latest topless appearance is sure to catch the attention of fans even more.

The 37-year-old singer shared a tweet on Tuesday (May 23) promoting vinyl copies of her upcoming album The Age of Pleasure (out June 9), which is available on standard black 12″ vinyl and as a special “Sea Blue” version.

Her tweet contained photos of the album packaging and fold-out sleeve, which contains a hidden surprise for listeners: a close-up painting of Monáe’s boobs.

While the sight is nothing new for those who have been keeping close tabs on Monáe’s recent moves, the risqué artwork still managed to turn heads (and seemingly loosen purse strings).

“I’d be listening to this solely based on her packaging,” one enamored fan tweeted in response, while another joked: “Suddenly need a record player.”

Fans needn’t just buy a vinyl copy of The Age of Pleasure to get an eye-full, though. The digital and CD versions of the album also feature cover art showing Monáe swimming naked underwater, with her nipples on show.

Janelle Monáe kickstarted her shirtless revolution earlier this month with her sensual, NSFW “Lipstick Lover” music video, in which she flashed her boobs alongside scenes of her singing to another woman’s naked butt and pleasuring herself with sex toys.

While performing at a party celebrating the song’s release that same day, Monáe made even more headlines when she lifted up her shirt and briefly jiggled her breasts in front of the crowd.

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Cardi B Seeks Elon Musk's Help Amid 'Shadowban' For Thirsty Janelle Monáe Tweet

The Hidden Figures star spoke about her newfound love of exhibitionism in an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this week, admitting, “I’m much happier when my titties are out and I can run around free.”

Monáe’s unapologetic nudity has has also been praised by some of her musical peers, with SZAapplauding the singer/actress for shattering gender stereotypes with her sexual expression.

“I love that’s it’s HER being free rn because ppl LOVE to box women in and claim that because your articulate respected and intelligent [eye-roll emoji] you can’t show your body or be sexual or anything else lol,” the TDE hitmaker wrote in an Instagram comment.