Jacquees and Dreezy have sparked reconciliation rumors after the two were spotted purchasing some very intimate items from a lingerie store.

On Friday (March 31), the Cash Money crooner revealed via Instagram that he treated his former girlfriend, Dreezy, to a very special date.

In the photos, the pair were spotted in what looks to be a lingerie store, and according to the singer he gifted the Chicago rapper with some sexy new underwear. “Panty shopping wit Dreez for her bday , and i fixed my phone WE UP!” he captioned his post.

Jacquees’ romantic gesture coincided with Dreezy celebrating her 29th birthday.

In September 2019, the couple called it quits after dating for around nine months. They briefly reconciled again in 2020, but ended up breaking up again in October of that year and engaging in a heated Twitter war.

The self-proclaimed King of R&B declared: “JACQUEES single.”

“N-gga tryna clout chase now and KNOW I’m not wit all that shit at all,” Dreezy wrote regarding their split. “You’re blocked. I’m single. And I’m logging off. Go play wit yo ex.”

Jacquees quoted Dreezy’s tweet and responded, “Go play wit ya self lol.”

Dreezy later mocked her ex’s actions by sharing a screenshot of his missed calls. The image showed Jacquees repeatedly in her call history via phone and Facetime. “When yu blocked so yu run to Twitter,” she remarked. “Nobody gives af bro.”

The Chicago-bred rapper also replied to a few comments amid the mess. One of her Twitter followers called Jacquees “corny,” which she co-signed. Another thought her ex must’ve been hacked, which Dreezy denied.

“Ain’t nobody hack that n-gga he a hoe,” she quipped. “I’m glad y’all get to see.”

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Last June the pair were spotted together again vacationing in Mexico, where the two got into a scuffle with a man on the beach. After the incident took place, Dreezy took to Instagram to explain her side of the story and accused the man of punching her — she also alleged Jacquees body-slammed the man to the ground.

Nevertheless, the man at the center of the melee sang a different tune. He admitted in an online video to having drugs on him and hitting Dreezy, while also accusing the couple of being cocaine addicts and lying.

“Fresh outta jail in Mexico for fighting that bitch ass n-gga twice,” he said in the clip. “Jacquees or whatever his name is. Him and his bitch, they lying on me. His girl is lying because she wanted to buy two joints that I had and I didn’t wanna sell it to her. They was trying to buy coke from me, they was trying to buy weed from me, and that’s why we got into a fight. ‘Cause I didn’t want to sell them the two joints that I had.”

“They both coke heads. They both disrespectful. And he thought he could talk to me any kinda way just ’cause he’s a celebrity and he got touched him. You know what I’m sayin’? I touched him and I touched ol’ girl.”