J.I.D has gotten wind of Meek Mill’s viral wet french fries meme and he can’t get enough of the tomfoolery.

The Dreamville rapper had a laugh at the years-old joke featuring Meek swimming while eating a poolside snack of drenched french fries sitting on his lap.

“I just saw this for the first time,” J.I.D wrote on Twitter in a since-deleted tweet on Sunday (January 22).

Being that he’s made a career out of rapping, the lyrical savant naturally turned the chlorine-filled meme into a steamy bar.

“Tryna get inside ya thighs like Meek Mill’s fries,” he hilariously said.


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Fans couldn’t help but chuckle at J.I.D’s dig at Meek, who hasn’t responded to the mess.

“Tryna get inside ya thighs like meek mill fries is crazyyy lmfaooooo,” one person wrote.

Just don’t expect J.I.D to use the bar in a future freestyle, as he explained that he retired from the freestyle game thanks to Funk Flex.

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The Atlanta native recently opened up about Flex’s lukewarm response to his 2017 freestyle at Hot 97 causing him to stray away from the studio.

“That was a good time. Funk ain’t even understand what was going on,” he said on Rap Radar. “He was kerfuffled, I was giving him something and he ain’t even get it. We might go back one day. I silently retired away from the freestyles because I was mad at Flex because he didn’t respond the way I wanted to.”

He continued: “It was like a childhood dream to get the bomb and I ain’t get the bomb or none of the hype, so I was a little upset. But I think I’m gonna get back into the freestyle world just because it’s another part of the art, it’s another notch on your tool belt.”

However, Flex extended the invite once again as J.I.D is one of his favorite artists and the Spillage Village MC is considering a return to the Hot 97 studio.