Following “racist comments” made by former WWF wrestler Iron Sheik on the Howard Stern Show and on Twitter, Fat Boys[click to read] member Prince Markie Dee[click to read] has called out Iron Sheik to a wrestling match.

In a rant made via Twitter, Iron Sheik aimed several insults at Prince Markie Dee. “You dont respect the legen [sic] you never make the money you need to be fucked in ass and be humbled you lowlife,” said one such post.

Prince Markie Dee
responded to Iron Sheik’s rant in a video posted online. In the video he explains, Iron Sheik this dude is rusted away now…I don’t wanna hear all that about he’s still got it. He can do this, he can do that. I will put a couple of pieces on him.”

Prince Markie Dee
has even enlisted the help of UFC fighter Frank Trigg who will be training Prince Markie Dee for the match.

The winner of the match will win an undisclosed amount of money and Markie Dee has already revealed that he will give all of his money to charity if he in fact wins the match. There is still no scheduled date for Prince Markie Dee and Iron Sheik’s match.