The Fat Boys are known mostly for their work in the 1980’s. Their artistic endeavors made them fan favorites, and their roles in films worked to double that adoration. Now, they are teaming up with the American Cancer Society and Macy’s to bring Relay for Life.

Prince Markie Dee and Kool Rock-ski, along with Uncle Louie Music Group, and Macy’s own Ed McManus are all set to help the cause. As they generate interest and financial support to find a cure for cancer, they also plan on obtaining and maintaining healthy lifestyles, according to a press release.

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In other news, The Urban Network Creative Affairs Department wants up-and-comers to shine. Now, they have put together a new event called Be Seen and Be Heard. This will allow young performers to be in a room with A&Rs and publishing executives, as well as key industry business people.

“I participated as a panelist for the creative affairs team. It was fun and informative, and I met a lot of cool people that I will continue to network with,” says David “Touch” Wright, Director of A&R for Def Jam Records.

Charity Duplechan, Creative Manager of Rondor Music Publishing, notes that this is a great opportunity.

“It is a great tool for inspired songwriters/artists to have the opportunity that many wish they could have—executive level response to their work.”

Warren “Flawless” Griffin, Jr., Director of Creative Affairs, Urban Network Group Inc. echoes those sentiments and adds more.

“Being an artist myself, I know what I wish I had in the beginning stages of my career. I am just glad that I am now in a position to create the opportunities for others that I never had.”

The first of these will be held in Los Angeles, at a secret location, with the following panelists on board.

Aaron Bay-Schuck, Sr. Director of A&R, Atlantic Records
Jerrold Thompson, Head of Creative Affairs/A&R, Hidden Beach Recordings
Terrence Nelson, A&R, Interscope Records
Charity, Creative Manager, Rondor Music Publishing
Archie Davis, A&R Coordinator, Geffen Records
Jermi Thomas, A&R, Columbia Records
Future, A&R, Notting Hill Music Publishing

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