In an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey [click to view], Jay-Z spoke on the rise “from Brooklyn to the boardroom.” The interview was similar to a previous interview the two had for O Magazine [click to read]. In the televised version, which aired yesterday, Jigga Man was open about a variety of topics.

During the interview, Oprah claimed their long conversation gave her many “Ah-ha” moments, especially when speaking on racism, which Jay said was a contributing factor in lessening the prominance of racism in America.

If you go to a club, there’s no white or black club. The music is the thing that brings everyone together. They’re enjoying the same type of music,” he said, before adding more to it. “It’s difficult to teach racism because racism is taught in the home. So, it’s difficult to teach that when someone idolizes a Jay-Z or a Kanye West. It’s difficult to say that that person is less than you or different from you when you can relate to their music or their struggle or you’re a fan of their music.”

Later in the interview, while walking through Marcy with Oprah beside him, he gave insight on his drug dealing past.

“You don’t want to deal drugs or bring trouble to your mother’s doorstep but it’s pretty much everywhere.”

In the interview, much like in the magazine, Jay also shared his feelings on his father, a man who left the home while Jay was young.

We were told our parents would separate, but the reasons weren’t explained. My mom prepared us more than he did. I don’t think he was ready for that level of discussion and emotion. He was a guy who was pretty detached from his feelings,” he said in the magazine. “It made me not express my feelings as much. I was already a shy kid, and it made me a little reclusive. But it also made me independent. And stronger. It was a weird juxtaposition.”

As we reported earlier today [click here], Jay-Z is now gearing up for a tour. He will be heading out to cities across the United States with Wale [click here], N.E.R.D. [click here] and his latest protoge J. Cole [click here].