Following Sunday (September 13) night’s MTV Video Music Awards, both Taylor Swift and Kanye West [click to read] appeared on television shows explaining their thoughts on what happened at the VMA’s.

First up, West [click to watch] appeared on the debut of The Jay Leno Show [click to watch] along with Rihanna and Jay-Z to perform “Run This Town” on Monday (September 14) night. Before performing, West sat down for a short interview with Leno.

“My entire life, I’ve only wanted to give and do something that I felt was right,”
West revealed to Leno. “And I immediately knew in the situation that it was wrong, and it wasn’t a spectacle or just — you know, it’s actually someone’s emotions, you know, that I stepped on. And it was very — it was just — it was rude, period.”

West seemed to almost tear up when asked what his mother, who passed away in 2007, would have thought about his actions.

And earlier today, 19-year-old Swift appeared on The View and revealed that West had yet to reach out to her.

“He has not personally reached out or anything but if he wanted to say hi (I would),”
said Swift on The View.

According to a representative from The View, following Swift’s appearance she received a phone call from West.

“After the show he spoke personally to the country music superstar via telephone and has apologized to the 19-year-old singer. She has accepted Mr. West‘s apology. The contents of the phone call are to remain private,”
explained a statement from The View.