Fresh off of apologizing publicly to 50 Cent [click to read], it’s safe to say that The Game has now set his sights on Jay-Z.

Presumably choosing Hov as his new target due to Jay‘s controversial rhyme, which invoked the West Coast emcee’s name, Game initially let fans know via twitter he would let it slide – until he performed a concert in France, during which Game did just the opposite [click to read].

Just like his concert in France, Game incited his crowd to chants of “Fuck Jay-Z!” and “Old-ass nigga!” In addition, Game referred to the veteran rapper as “Gay-Z,” a moniker famously given to Jay in Nas‘ infamous diss Ether.

Game referred to other rappers who had beefs with Jay-Z in the past, comparing his own disposition to that of Tupac and Nas, and follwed it with a rhyme [footage below].

Many Hip Hop fans have long-wondered if Jay-Z and Game were at odds ever since Game‘s first album, Documentary [click to read]. On the song “Westside Story.” Game rapped, “And I don’t do button-up shirts or drive Maybachs.” Even though Game denied the diss on the album’s title track, many perceived that he did so with sarcasm.

Footage of the Madrid Concert: