At a recent concert in Las Vegas, rapper Jay-Z debuted a freestyle [click to listen] of his that may be included on the much anticipated Blueprint 3 [click to read] album.

In the freestyle, Jay-Z makes references to rappers Jim Jones and The Game as well as former associate Damon Dash.

“I’m talking about life and all I hear is/Oh yeah he’s talking about cripe/I ain’t talking about profit, I’m talking about pain/Talking about the city, talking about shame/I ain’t talkin’ about gossip, I ain’t talkin’ ’bout Game/I ain’t talkin’ about Jimmy, I ain’t talkin’ about Dame/I’m talkin’ about real sh*t, this here is pain,”
Jay-Z raps.

Both The Game and Jim Jones addressed the aforementioned bars via their Twitter pages [pictured below], with the often volatile Game stating, “As bad as I want to respond to his old azz [sic], he can slide.” Hours later, The Game apparently had a change of heart, as he led the crowd at his show in France in a series of “Fuck Jay-Z chants.

Although Jay Z‘s freestyle is said to be the intro for the upcoming album, as of yet Jay-Z has not stated whether or not the freestyle will be included on Blueprint 3.

Blueprint 3 will be released on September 11, exactly eight years after the release of Jay Z’s first Blueprint album.