The evolution of DJ Quik [click to read] took place in front of the eyes of millions of Hip Hop fans. Unlike many of today’s MCs, Quik came from an era where microphone fiends debuted and eventually matured in the public eye due to the longevity of their careers. There were one hit wonders, but the stars had staying power.

Quik was one of them.

The last 18 years watched Quik grow from a boy who glorified the gang lifestyle to a man who repudiated it. In a new interview that appeared on Rime Magazine, the critically acclaimed producer opened up about his past as gang member.

“This one,” he says of his 1995 effort, Safe and Sound, “I knew everything, I was working with everybody. I’m a little mad at myself for hating on gangbangers for stopping everybody. My ass, as a result starting gangbanging thinking that was going to make it better.”

However, the thought of losing his life caused Quik to look at things a little differently.

“When you get a glock put in your face and you know that somebody is going to pull the trigger and you know that mutha fuckin hollow point is about to take your nose off, that shit is some bullshit.”

“Joining the gang Tree Top Piru, that was the dumbest shit. I couldn’t enjoy movies. When Menace II Society came out, I was on the soundtrack. I was scared to death in the theater, like “I’ma get shot in the theater’.”

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