After over five years of a working relationship at Babygrande Records and Wu-Tang Clan-affiliated artists Bronze Nazareth, The Wiseman and Almighty left the New York label for Seattle’s Sound Records & Entertainment.

A&R and Almighty founding member M-Eighty said, “It just felt like the right time to do what’s best for us. Almighty, Bronze Nazareth, and the Wisemen gave Babygrande gold and yet they somehow managed to turn it into shit. All the new material we have been recording for these three records is far too great to turn over to Babygrande and relive the headache of why we provide them with classic material and all we get in return in doctored accounting statements and excuses.” As the quote indicated, financial support and agreements were a major motive in the leave.

Bronze Nazareth, who produced on several Babygrande projects, from his own to 2008’s Protools [click to read] album from GZA [click to read], added, “Our fans are going to follow us regardless of what label imprint is on the back of our product. Sound Records embraced all of us and brought us back to the essence of when a label made you feel like a member of the family and when you prosper as a family everyone wins.” 

Legal Representative for the camp provided that, “Babygrande Records had the opportunity to retain the rights to the three entities (Bronze Nazareth, The Wisemen, and Almighty) and either chose not to meet their contracted fiscal option guarantees or their contracts became unenforceable due to the dissolution of partnering labels Think Differently Music Group (Bronze Nazareth) and Kings Row Music Group (The Wisemen).

Wu-Tang members and affiliates GZA and 9th Prince are believed to still remain Babygrande artists.

At Sound Records & Entertainment, the three acts will reportedly all release albums within 45 days of each other, beginning in July of this year. This is billed as “The 3 Kingz Campaign.” Wisemen member Kevlaar 7 noted, “This same camaraderie is what breathed new life into Duck Down Records when they partnered with Ecko a few years back.  We want the world to know that are combined forces are unstoppable and the team is definitely here to stay.”   

Sound will also release 60 Second Assassin‘s album [click to read], as well as a reported collaboration between Keith Murray and Canibus, coming soon.