Fans of the ’90s Tony Touch mixtapes and Wu-Tang Clan affiliates Sunz Of Man will be pleased to know that 60 Second Assassin, one fourth of the group that also had Killah Priest [click to read], Hell Razah, Prodigal Sunn and Shabazz The Disciple, will release his debut album this year, titled Remarkable Timing.

To be released this spring on Sound Records & Entertainment, 60 told HipHopDX yesterday about the project’s title in relation to his career, spanning over a decade and a half. “Remarkable Timing is about recognizing the O.G. [I] take it back to the
essence while aging like a fine wine striving for perfection with
time. You know my Sunz of Man crew [has always said] that ‘first shall be last and
the last shall be first,’ so I take that as a sign that ’09 is my time to
wake up some of these heads that may have slept on the g.o.d since our
last offering.

The work includes appearances by RZA [click to read], Masta Killa, Planet Asia, La The Darkman and a reunion with Sunz Of Man. Production will be handled by Bronze Nazareth, known for his releases with Babygrande Records.

After a career and notable group sales and industry presence, 60 Second Assassin also told DX about what he hopes to gain in this album’s course. “I love who I am through and through. This record is a representation
of self spoken through the words of the heavenly father. As a musician,
I express my culture, my life, and my influences as a product of the
’60s till now shines evident throughout. I am a trend-setter who, since
day one, has always made music based purely on my love for music. My
speech and views on this record is my version of prophecy professed
onto man, woman, and child. All I can ask is that my words don’t fall
upon deaf ears.