At the end of last month, Shady RecordsCashis and Tangled Thoughts member Young De joined forces to release Homeland Security [click to listen], a mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. Monday night, the two California-based rappers spoke to HipHopDX about the beginning of what may be a serious artistic relationship. Cashis explained, “Me and De hooked up on some rap shit [for his last mixtape]. The songs came out tight; we did like four or five records.” The instant chemistry embedded its way into the two’s plans. “We decided we needed to form a group and just put it out there fully, and instead of doing just one mixtape, we need to do albums.

More than just microphone chemistry, Cashis noted that both come from similar paths. “We both came from different camps. I came from Em‘s camp, [whereas] he came from Kurupt and B-Real‘s [click to read] camp. We come from a line of legends. For us to be the new niggas puttin’ our own stamp on music and makin’ our big homeboys proud is a key for us right now.

Both rappers are also implants, Young De from Philadelphia and Cashis from Chicago. Both agreed that this trait also bonds them amongst their naturally-born California peers. “One of the things that make me and Cashis relate is that we kinda came out here and we’ve been grindin’ for years, rappin’, livin’ this life. Comin’ over to Cali and being so successful – him getting signed Eminem and all that [with The Re-Up] [click to read], and me comin’ out here and putting out my first album, Kurupt Presents... Going from there to B-Real and havin’ him put me on five songs on his solo album and being on the Cypress [Hill] record. Comin’ in with big dudes, I think a lot of people that were on the scene out here, grindin’ for years were kinda like, ‘Wow, where did these guys come from?’ I think we have a lot to relate to on that level.

The mixtape’s single, “In God’s Hands” [click to listen] embodies a lot of their style. The song, a motivational speech to hustlers amidst hard times speaks towards the recession. Cashis said that’s going to be important on the road ahead. “I think it’s gonna be a major part of Hip Hop in 2009 and maybe for at least the next two to three years. I believe that musically, we’re back in a time where nobody gives a fuck about how much money you’ve got. Nobody believes that anymore.” “People want to hear hunger in your music. They want to relate to you.” The Shady rapper said it reminded him of the climate when DMX‘s It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot released. He continued, “I think we’re new the voice of the people.” Claiming he hopes not to have to return to his old ways, Cashis then exclaimed, “You can’t floss on people. If you do, you’re gonna get robbed. Right now, if a nigga walk up to me with truck jewels on [flossing], I’m gonna take yo’ shit. Period. For real. I got kids to feed.” Young De chimed in, “We want to always remain real with what we do.

The rappers also spoke about the holidays, and their respective families. “I tried to wrap some gifts, and this shit look like Ray Charles tried to wrap presents. It’s all good,” said Cashis, a father of 11 children. “I’m trying to let my kids it’s more so about spending time with each other than anything else.” He added that he would be doing the cooking this year. “My daughter is making gingerbread cookies from scratch. That might not be an achievement to some people, but that’s a 10 year-old who [amazes me]. Even if them shit’s nasty, I’ma eat ’em like they’re the best thing in the world. [Laughs] She’s doing that out of her heart.Cashis also noted he’ll be in court in January, and touring throughout 2009.

As for Young De‘s plans, he stated, “I’ma chill out and kick it with my family and friends. My daughter’s in Philly, so I got her gifts already, UPS‘d ’em out. I’ll be back in February. Next year is gonna be the one, so I’m getting ready. I just really want to cherish the times.”

Homeland Security is available for full download at [click here].