After last week telling HipHopDX about his participation in scoring Notorious [click to read], Easy Mo Bee provided DX with some additional news about his present work.

The producer for much of Notorious B.I.G.‘s classics on Ready To Die
and Life After Death said that he’s concentrating on bringing new
artists into the game.

I have an artist named Honey, out of Brooklyn. She’s a rapper, and she sings a little bit. You can look forward to that.Mo Bee added that Honey is planning an ’09 digital release. “That’s the new curve, so I’m trying to stay ahead and with it. You can look forward to seeing me doing that right there. You have also have something called Easy Mo Records, with an artist named Noell. She’s R&B/Hip Hop, a singer. Also, there’s my association with Platinum Ice Records.” The latter collaboration will yield artists named Miss Quick and J Dot.

Mo Bee also worked with 2Pac on his seminal 1995 Me Against The World effort. The album included an more Hip Hop-rooted album from the famous rapper, with tracks like “Old School” [click to read] and the notable alliteration on the famous opener “If I Die 2Nite” [click to read].

The Brooklyn producer who worked with Big Daddy Kane, Freddie Foxxx and Slick Rick was asked, in the wake of recent debate of Tupac Shakur‘s emcee merits, if he was trying to demonstrate his lyrical side. “I’ll be real honest with you, it wasn’t that I did that much coaching for him in the studio. Come on. Tupac? He was ready. He already knew what he wanted to do,” said Mo Bee about ‘Pac‘s talents as an emcee. “I’m serious, I don’t think I ever, in the studio, had to come back and tell him, ‘Could you do this over or do that over?’ The dude was just ready, man, all the time. I think, if anything, that helped bring a different something out of him, was my music, was my tracks. Because the texture of my music was a lot different from the people he worked with.

There, Mo Bee paused to acknowledge the recent tragic death of producer Johnny J [click to read], who also worked on numerous 2Pac albums. “I want to give a special rest in peace to Johnny J, one of the producers that worked with him across the span of a lot of tracks that [2Pac] did.

Mo Bee clarified, “There’s a difference from Johnny J and Easy Mo Bee. I think the stuff that I was doing with him just brought something different out of him. You’re right, on my tracks, he felt like he might have needed to be a little more lyrical than necessary,” he said with a laugh. “That opening line [from ‘If I Die 2Night’], still to this day, I can’t remember it by heart, he got too many P’s in there for me. I gotta go back and see if I can remember it.

Earlier this year, Easy Mo Bee produced the intro from Termanology‘s Politics As Usual.