Lord Tariq, Cuban Link, Mysonne, Hocus and S-One formed Bang Bang Boogie with hopes of painting a more authentic picture of Bronx Hip Hop. When The Machine Vol. 1 dropped earlier this year, their efforts were unintentionally overshadowed by a co-sign from 50 Cent and a few Fat Joe disses. After dropping their latest effort, The X-Files: No Mercy for the Weak, the Uptown collective is sure people will focus on the music this time around.

“This tape is to show the talent, and to show Hip Hop how hardcore Bronx niggas represent,” says Cuban Link.

Aside from their musical efforts, Bang Bang Boogie is also continuing their work with Assemblyman Ruben Diaz of New York’s 85th District. They initiated a Hip Hop driven stay in school program, and have been in talks with the United Nations about the End Poverty Campaign.

“We did a big concert after the Watson tournament with KRS-One, Doug E. Fresh, Lloyd and a lot of other big artists,” Cuban Link adds. “We wanted to help lift the spirits of the youth and give them some activities to keep them focused on school. Bang Bang Boogie is definitely about helping out the hood and trying to make things better.”

While discussing how Hip Hop effects the youth, Mysonne addressed comments he made last week about another emcee making headlines for telling youth about the perils of living on the opposite side of the law.

“I got a little bit of flack based on comments I made concerning the issue going on with T.I. [click to read],” Mysonne, tells HipHopDX. “I wasn’t telling people to indulge in crime or live the way I lived. I was just [speaking to] the children. A child hasn’t made that decision. It’s up to us to form the child’s mind. But when an adult makes a conscious decision, you have to understand what comes with that lifestyle.”

T.I. has made a living off of the street life,” Mysonne added. “They didn’t buy him because he was corporate, well-spoken, and had this nice suit on. They bought T.I., “Tip, the trapstar” talking about how he sold crack. He made songs talking about, ‘Yeah, I sold crack. Don’t tell the police on me. I’m just trying to feed my family.’ But then, you’ll go tell someone to tell the police on a person who’s going through the same thing you went through? I understand there are exceptions to every rule, but I don’t think this is one of those exceptions. The reason he’s testifying right now is because he got caught with guns. Prior to that situation, that man refused to testify.”

You niggas is weak, and you’re not built for this, so stop acting like you are,” Mysonne admonished. “I can make this assessment, because at a crucial time in my life, I had to make a decision. I went to jail for a crime I didn’t do, and I went to jail for seven years based on the lifestyle and the things I stand for. I could’ve very well said, ‘I didn’t do this. So-and-so did this.’ But I made a conscious decision, because it’s not my place to do the police’s job.”

When the topic turned to fellow Bronx native Remy Ma, both Cuban Link and Mysonne sent their condolences, as she serves her eight year bid [click to read].

“That’s fam right there, and everybody in Hip Hop is feeling the effect from her not being on the scene,” Cuban Link says. “As a friend I’m missing her. We got really tight right before she went in. But she’s a strong woman, and I know she’s gonna stick it out and come out of that situation stronger.”

Mysonne echoed the same sentiments, as he reminisced on his first meeting with Remy, saying, “When Remy was first getting started, she came and rhymed for me at the courthouse. I was going to trial and, my man brought her to me like, ‘Yo, you gotta hear her. She can really rhyme.’ She rhymed right on the courthouse steps for me, right before I blew trial.”

Bang Bang Boogie’s latest mixtape, The X-Files: No Mercy for the Weak, is currently available for free [click to download].