In the latest edition of Bay Area rapper Mistah FAB‘s [click to read] video blog, “Why I Am the King,” his mother joins him for commentary on Mistah FAB‘s upcoming album, West Coast music, and of course Big Von.

In a recent news story on HipHopDX [click to read], Mistah FAB revealed his issues with Big Von, a DJ and music director at Bay Area radio station 106 KMEL.

“I don’t want to make it a corporation situation, it’s an individual problem with the programming director and the mix-show director. To be specific, Stacy Cunningham and Big Von,” Mistah FAB told HipHopDX. “They have their individual views towards me, and they use me as an example. They’re like, ‘This is what we’ll do to you if you ever take a stand; we’ll never play your music’. So I’m passed the point of thinking, ‘Will I ever get played?’ They don’t ever have to play me again and I’m pretty sure they won’t.”

Referred to as Mama Dez in the video blog, Mistah FAB‘s mother gives her two cents on the feud. When asked by FAB if there were any haters she would like to address, here is how his mother responded, “The only hater I can say…I don’t really have no squabbles with him, he just got issues, that’s Big Von. I just want Big Von to man up and put my baby on the radio. I’m not hating on Big Von, he’s just a man who got his feelings hurt by a youngster. But basically he needs to come man up and you guys need to sit down and figure out what you gonna do, so we can spin these records so we can get these hits.”

Mistah FAB also released a freestyle in September taking shots at Big Von.

“I did hear the song, I just think…you don’t have to really get to where you have to get derogatory or call someone out their name because basically that’s not how I raised you,” Mama Dez explained. “A lot of things can settle up in a man to man talk, and you bigger than that.”

Currently, Mistah FAB is working on his upcoming album The Bus Ride.