As of recently, the feud between Oakland rapper Mistah FAB and the programming and music director’s at 106 KMEL, a Bay Area radio station, has reached new heights. According to Mistah FAB, 106 KMEL is no longer playing any song by or featuring him.

“I don’t want to make it a corporation situation, it’s an individual problem with the programming director and the mix-show director. To be specific, Stacy Cunningham and Big Von,” Mistah FAB told HipHopDX. “They have their individual views towards me and they use me as an example. They’re like, ‘This is what we’ll do to you if you ever take a stand, we’ll never play your music’. So I’m passed the point of thinking will I ever get played. They don’t ever have to play me again and I’m pretty sure they won’t.”

On several blogs and websites, 106 KMEL has been linked to what many are calling the ‘Death of Hyphy’ due to the stations lack of Bay area artist’s in its rotation.

“Anytime you have a song like the song ‘Life Of The Party’ with me, Snoop Dogg, and Too Short which made it to number three on ‘106 & Park’ and you do the Arbitron and you do the play lists. It’s not a corporation thing, it’s why did Big Von never play this record. And you’re like, ‘Okay, Mistah Fab‘s on it, there it is’. It’s definitely some kind of personal vendetta there and it’s been going on for a long time,” Mistah FAB revealed. “It’s been going on for 2, 3 years. It’s been boiling. [Big] Von‘s never liked me. We’re just gonna be real. Like this guy’s a failed rapper. Failed rapper turned DJ.”

Mistah FAB recently struck back at Cunningham and Big Von with his freestyle over the beat to the classic Boogie Down Productions song “The Bridge Is Over” [click to hear].

In his freestyle, Mistah FAB immediately begins taking shots at Big Von, “You don’t gotta play my record Von and you don’t gotta play my sh**, but to me you a b**ch.”

“That was just me going in the studio talking the truth. Everything that’s said in that song is true facts. We have documents that state the comments made by Stacy Cunningham, comments made by Big Von,” Mistah FAB explained to HipHopDX. “Like I say, I’m passed the thought of will I ever get played on that radio station. I want to be the voice for the hidden frustration, the hidden struggle of any artists that want to say what I’m saying, but they’re not in the position to be relevant if they do say it.”

Currently, Mistah FAB is working on a new album entitled The Bus Ride which is expected to be released spring of next year and Mistah FAB will be releasing his new single “Still Gone Eat” featuring Rick Ross and Glasses Malone in the coming weeks.