This weekend it was reported that Johnny “J” Jackson died tragically in Los Angeles County Jail [click to read]. The producer of hits “How Do You Want It,” “Hit ‘Em Up” and “All About You” was well-liked in the Hip Hop industry, often granting interviews to uphold Tupac Shakur‘s legacy in times when information, particularly about his posthumous albums was often scarce and falsified.

The final interview with the Mexican-born producer came by way of Sway & King Tech of The Wake Up Show. The legendary radio personalities, audio and video journalists and artists in their own right have had many superstar guests on their syndicated program. Tuesday evening, they told HipHopDX how Johnny J touched their lives. “Johnny J will be forever a legend
in the music world. We hold him up next to Dr. Dre and Quincy Jones any day of
the year. He always kept it real and honest with us, and we always appreciated
that… Johnny, don’t ever stop making your music. Now that you’re in heaven,
we know you and ‘Pac are getting down once again — We will miss you,
” said the two in a joint statement.

The duo’s final interview with Jackson can be viewed [click here].

In the interview, Johnny J declares to have sold over 100 million records, his connection with 2Pac in the studio and working with Tatiana Ali of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fame, who is also interviewed.

In addition to commenting on Hip Hop’s recent loss, Sway & Tech are launching their label with a cash prize contest.

Users can visit the site to rhyme over provided beats by Alchemist, J Dilla and 9th Wonder in pursuit of $5,000, an appearance on The Wake Up Show and a development deal with their imprint.

The submitted tracks will be uploaded through the site, voted on by fans, and a winner will be declared after the December 4th deadline.

Other contests, part of the 100K Battle will involve other genres, and will follow.