As both Big Boi [click to read] and Cee-Lo [click to read] have told HipHopDX in recent month, Goodie Mob is reuniting after years of the group disbanding and recording in factions.

Last evening, August 19th, all four original members joined together for an on-stage performance at The Tabernacle, in a concert gathering for Nelly.

The group performed classic singles “Black Ice” and “They Don’t Dance No’ Mo’,” before a packed and overwhelmed crowd.

When we all come back together as Goodie Mob it’s [gonna be the same] way the Panthers
had to come back in to clean up their communities. So we’re probably
not gonna make some good friends with the trappers and shit. And I’m
not trying to knock nobody’s hustle but there has to be a balance.
There’s no us anymore, no one else brave enough to pick up that torch
and carry it even further. And [southern Hip Hop] is suffering because
of it. But it’s suffering on such a scale that they even recognize it
themselves. You may not even have to call their names out. I may not
even have to do it because they do realize what a travesty it all is,
Cee-Lo told DX in May.

The last time all four members united was in 2006, after a Gnarls Barkley tour stop.