There have been talks recently that Eminem is no longer drinking or doing drugs. According to his probation he is not allowed to drink, but the drugs were his choice. His fellow D-12 members joked that he has “seen the light” and that “The Eminem Show” will be a gospel album. But all jokes aside, they did say that he has quit drugs and that his new album will reflect that as it is much more focused than his previous work.

Proof had this to say about it, “[This album], it’s not that angry, and it shouldn’t be, ’cause he’d be fake. If he’s still talking the same shit, what would be the maturity in it? If he’s talking about how he’s broke or wants to kill everybody, that won’t work anymore. He’s happy now. The muthafucka got some money. He can’t keep saying the same shit.”

There is also been talk that Em has created a couple new rhyme styles on this new album and that it will solidify him as the best emcee in hip hop, without a question. I guess we will see on April 23rd.