Killer Mike has released a new song and video addressing a recent uptick in criticism following the recirculation of a photo of the rapper with Georgia Governor Brian Kemp.

Produced by DJ Paul and TWhy Xclusive, “Talk’n That Shit!” finds Killer Mike delivering each of his three verses over three separate beats.

On the first verse, the outspoken artist calls out his critics and addresses the most recent backlash with lines like, “I’m in rooms with politicians talking business and shit/ Here you come with your opinion, I ain’t solicit that shit.”



Mike takes a slightly more menacing tone on the second verse, before making a few strong political statements and comparisons on the final portion of the song. “I don’t give a fuck if weed ain’t legal if none of my n-ggas ain’t free/ I don’t give a fuck who the president is if the president ain’t for me,” he raps towards the top of the verse, seemingly addressing President Biden’s recent pardon of federal marijuana charges.

He also uses the song to make it clear that he remains unapologetic about anything he’s said in public, with the line: “First rule you gotta understand/ You dealing with a real Black man/ If I said it I meant it/ I meant it like I said it, ’cause I said what I said, understand.”

“The song is self explanatory,” said Killer Mike. “With the video I wanted to show the freedom and beauty in being able to turn up in spite of all the fuck-shit. That upsets the bourgeoisie even more- in spite of all your criticisms we’re gonna live free and stay lit.”

“Talk’n That Shit!” — Killer Mike’s second new single of the year — comes after nearly a week of online commentary surrounding a photo taken during a meeting between the rapper and Kemp in 2020.

Killer Mike & 2 Chainz Speak Out Against ‘Nuisance’ Proposal At Atlanta City Council Meeting

“We discussed how small businesses and the music industry are weathering the pandemic, the value of our skilled trade workers, and our fight to end human trafficking in Georgia,” the Republican governor tweeted at time.

The meeting sparked its fair share of real-time controversy when it happened. But Killer Mike’s response to the photo resurfacing, which found him sharing a photo of Dr. Martin Luther King meeting with former president Lyndon B. Johnson, has ignited a new round of criticism.



The photo prompted many to ask if Mike would be voting for the incumbent governor or his rival, Democrat Stacy Abrams. However, the rapper maintained that he has “not publicly endorsed any candidate and will be keeping my vote a private matter.”