“Munch” rapper Ice Spice has revealed what it was like hanging out with Drake after he flew her out to Toronto, Canada, last month.

The curly-haired rapper had a chat with RapCaviar where she spoke about the impromptu meet-up and the time Drizzy reached out to her on Instagram to shout her out on her hit single “Munch (Feelin’ U)” and a freestyle she did for On the Radar Radio.



She also spoke about attending OVO Fest with him last month and how crazy it was to see the highly-anticipated Young Money reunion between Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

“When Drake DM’d me, I did not really expect that,” Spice said about the message she received from Drizzy. “I had just landed in L.A. for my Genius Open Mic for ‘Munch,’ and he was actually like, ‘Yo, ‘Munch’ is hard and your On the Radar freestyle is hard.’ And I was like, ‘Damn, that’s crazy because I’m really in L.A. about to shoot the Open Mic.'”

She added: “Linking up with him was so cool. Like, he’s mad nice and respectful. We went to OVO Fest. It was exciting because it was like his first time performing in Toronto, I think in like a couple of years. So it was just a movie, everybody was excited. The energy was high. Nicki [Minaj] performed, it was lit. [Lil] Wayne did his thing. That shit was crazy.”

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Ice Spice’s “Munch (Feelin’ U)” was released last month with an accompanying music video and quickly picked up steam on TikTok. Even Drake got a hold of the record and played it along with several other Ice Spice tracks during an episode of his radio show, and even started following the 22-year-old on Instagram.

Fans on social media began talking after some discovered Drizzy no longer followed Spice, claiming he was a “savage” for flying her out and showing her some Canadian hospitality.

Despite the unfollow, Ice Spice has seen her stock grow tremendously to the point that even Joe Budden is singing her catchy song during an episode of his podcast.

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Footage of Budden’s impromptu karaoke session surfaced online earlier this week, and it was nothing short of comical for fans who felt the former rapper added a little too much spice to his performance.

“‘Oh, you thought I was feeling you? That n-gga’s a munch. N-gga a eater, he ate it for lunch,” Joe Budden said with a huge smile slapped across his face as his co-hosts laughed at him. “You said that a little too spicy, my n-gga,” one of them said.



The “Pump It Up” rapper stood by his Ice Spice fandom and said: “I like that song, and I like her. That song is better than alright. ‘Oh, you thought I was feeling you?'”