Broward County, FL

YNW Melly requested an emergency jail pass for an abscessed tooth last month, but a judge has reportedly since shot him down.

According to TMZ Hip Hop, Melly — who’s currently locked up at Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on double homicide charges — claimed his diamond-encrusted grill was infected and required dental work. But on August 30, the judge refused to let him out of jail to have his teeth examined.

YNW Melly’s attorney Raven Liberty said the crowns “require constant upkeep and at the bare minimum regular flossing and brushing.”

But the “Murder On My Mind” rapper alleged the jail failed to provide him with a simple toothbrush, floss or regular dentist visits. Consequently, he developed a painful abscess in his lower jaw that he said is the source of a chronic infection.

Melly’s legal team offered to pay for treatment, which would’ve included transportation and independent security, but the judge ultimately decided it was in the court’s best interest to keep him behind bars.

The 23-year-old artist has been incarcerated since 2019 when he was arrested for the murders of 21-year-old Anthony Williams and 19-year-old Christopher Thomas.

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In June, Detective Christopher Williams said authorities determined YNW Melly shot the two men and co-defendant Cortlen Henry staged the crime so it would appear to be a drive-by shooting.

Williams explained he reconstructed the shooting by looking at the blood splatter from the crime scene and angles from which the two men suffered gunshot wounds. In his analysis, he determined the shooter was in the backseat of a vehicle behind the driver and opened fire no more than eight inches from the victim’s face.

Melly was initially facing the death penalty, but prosecutors took it off the table in July during a preliminary hearing. However, he could potentially spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.