St. Louis, MO - 

Wiz Khalifa and Logic concluded their cross-country Vinyl Verse tour on Friday (September 2), and in true Wiz fashion, he closed the tour out with a classic rib.

The Pittsburgh native played up his “Wig Khalifa” character and the moment was enough for Logic to break all concentration mid-performance.

“Last day of tour y’all and you know we have to pull off a prank on Logic,” Wiz began the recap, which was initially shared in his Instagram Stories. “I’m coming out as Wig Khalifa. Wig Khalifa. I got to perform with Logic, y’all. Check this shit out y’all, please watch this shit. Funniest shit I ever did!”

Wiz Khalifa continues the recap as Logic couldn’t fully tell if it was Wiz o stage with him or not and proceeds to burst out in laughter at the situation. Eventually, Wiz comes back out in a hoodie and sweatpants along with several dancers and proceeds to throw money in the air.

“Logic couldn’t take it because it was like, the funniest shit I ever did bro.” the Pittsburgh native said.” And he handled it like a true sport. I fuck with Logic, man. We rocked that shit.”

The love the two have for one another is mutual. Logic recently chose to get a Taylor Gang-inspired tattoo on the inside of his bicep as a tribute to Wiz.

“For me, this tattoo is bigger than just like, ‘Oh, I like Wiz Khalifa,’” Logic explained in a video of him getting the ink done. “This is like a thank you, showing reverence, respect and love to the man who changed my perception of what is possible — and he got that big dick.”

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The tour kicked off in Irvine, California on July 27 and continued for 28 dates with shows in Brooklyn, Cincinnati, Houston and Dallas. Although the tour featured a number of heavy hitters in supporting roles such as 24kGoldn, DJ Drama, C Dot Castro, and Fedd the God, the tour had a few minor issues along the way.

On August 26, their show in Noblesville, Indiana was forced to end early after a false report of gunfire incited mass panic. In a statement to Rolling Stone, representatives for the Ruoff Music Center and Live Nation praised the security team’s response to the disturbance: “Thank you to staff and local authorities for acting quickly to support everyone in attendance.”