Cam’ron has shared some rare footage of him rapping in a cypher back in 1995, showcasing his talents before becoming a Harlem legend — see it below.

On Saturday (August 13), Killa took to Instagram to re-share the recently resurfaced footage of his younger self freestyling inside of a New York home.

“Before DIPSET IT WAS BBO then COC!!!” he began the clip’s caption. “This is footage is In ST Nick PJ’s, These are the bars u get when u spar with @rsvpmase #BigL #BloodShed and @therealherbmcgruff (in a good way) every week.

“Still wasn’t taking rap serious tho. This was a month after I got kicked out of college. Still thought I was going to the NBA. So I got a 8 ball to hold me over till I got back into school. Never went back tho. I’ll post part 2 on Monday!!”

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The footage, dated March 10, 1995, captures Cam around 19 years old, three years before he released his debut single “Horse & Carriage” featuring Ma$e. The BBO Crew were a group of Harlem friends who played basketball together and hung out.

The crew eventually evolved into Children of the Corn, a Harlem supergroup consisting of Ma$e, Cam, Big L and Bloodshed. After Bloodshed tragically passed away following a car crash in 1997, the group disbanded.

The trip down memory lane is the latest for Cam who has routinely looked back on his time growing up with fondness.

In June, the rapper detailed his time growing up hooping in Harlem, much to the chagrin of his 21-year-old son Derek. In a video recorded by the younger Giles, Cam hysterically explains how he used to be one of the best hoopers in the city, particularly in West Harlem.

“I used to bust n-ggas asses,” Cam’ron said in the clip. “You don’t even know your father was the nicest n-gga on the court, but soon as we left there, we went to Grant’s Tomb every Thursday. It was wild bitches at Grant’s Tomb, like super… mad bitches. So we would get fresh.”

Cam'ron Reminisces About 'Old Harlem' With His Son: 'I Used To Bust N-ggas Asses'

He then asked his son: “You know about Grant’s Tomb, right? The fuck you don’t know about Grant’s Tomb? You bugging.”

Meanwhile, Cam’ron and Ma$e recently patched up their friendship, ending a long-standing feud that dates as far back as the late 1990s.

The two Harlem rappers were once brothers in arms, taking the rap world by storm. But after Ma$e decided to retire from rap and move to Atlanta to become a pastor, things got heated between the two rappers and a feud soon ensued that lasted for almost two decades.

In a recent video shared by Ma$e’s sister Stason Betha, the former Bad Boy rapper jumped on the phone with his former Harlem rap partner.

Ma$e, who is all smiles in the clip, says to Cam’ron: “Killa, what’s good?” followed by a laugh. After Cam responds, Ma$e jokes: “Where’s Mr. Petty at these days?” seemingly in reference to “Dinner Time,” a 2017 diss record aimed at Ma$e on which Cam raps: “You done opened up a door, I’m petty, ready for war.”

Ma$e later posted the clip to his own Instagram, to which Cam replied with multiple hands up emojis in the comments.