St. Tropez

Drake rarely takes losses, but this week the 6 God struck out when he tried to holler at a woman while on vacation in St. Tropez.

Enjoying a relaxing getaway in Europe following the release of his Honestly, Nevermind album, Drizzy spotted what he referred to as “a dime” from across the restaurant he was in on Thursday (July 21).

In an attempt to get her attention, Drake dipped into his bag of tricks and tried to Airdrop the blond woman a photo of herself because he found her so attractive. It doesn’t look as if the OVO head honcho’s shot in the dark was a success as he mocked himself in a post to his Instagram Story.

“Tried to airdrop this woman a pic of herself because she’s a dime,” he wrote.

Elsewhere on Drake’s trip to St. Tropez, he took over the DJ booth at a venue on Wednesday night (July 20) and threw on the Backstreet Boys classic “I Want It That Way” to get the crowd going.

His track selection comes after the 35-year-old performed it on stage with the iconic boy band during their Toronto concert earlier in July.

Before joining BSB to perform their hallmark anthem, Drake recalled an early memory of courting a teenage crush to the ballad, crediting the group with helping him feel “cool” for the first time.

“She asked me if I would dance with her and it was the first time I felt acknowledged, it was the first time I ever felt like I had a shot at being cool,” he said. “I want you to make some noise, I want you to sing this song as loud as you possibly can. Like I said, this is one of the greatest songs in music history. I’ll be onstage for it. I’ll try to sing along, too. It’s called ‘I Want It That Way.'”

Earlier on Wednesday, Drake had some fun at Joe Budden’s expense by filming a few people dancing with Budden’s 2003 hit “Pump It Up” booming throughout the outdoor restaurant.

“Where else, where else, Joey, would you have them going so crazy? They’re going so nuts. Ay,” Drake can be heard saying while filming the party.

Drake Pokes Fun At Joe Budden's 'Pump It Up' Moving The Crowd In St. Tropez

Budden is yet to respond to the video and the New Jersey native should have no issue turning the situation into a discussion on the next episode of his podcast, The Joe Budden Podcast. Even after nearly two decades, JB’s best-charting hit record is yet to depart from some DJs’ party playlists.