Rick Ross shared his thoughts on eating ass during a recent interview. Sitting down with the Beyond the Chair podcast, Rozay was asked if anything is off-limits in the bedroom, then specifically whether or not he eats ass. Ross revealed he’s against ass-eating, but isn’t opposed to peeing on women.

“Nah, I don’t really have no taste for ass,” he said on the July 15 episode. “I’m just letting you know, I know what I like and I usually avoid the ass. I’m sure if that’s what you did, you ain’t slip up. From top to bottom is a long way. I’m just letting you know, that ain’t a Rozay thing right there. And I want you to respect getting peed on from your neck down. And if I splash your face a little…”

He added, “When I’m a boss, you know what I like, you know what I want, it ain’t even a question. Most definitely [head and sex] … I’ma have the weed lit, that goddamn Anita Baker gon’ be playing, and I may tug on that ponytail a little bit. And if your eyelashes end up on the marble floors, that’s cool too.”


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Rick Ross may be against eating ass, but his Maybach Music Group artist Meek Mill has a different point of view. During a January interview with Dirty Street Confessions, Meek admitted he eats ass but hasn’t had much experiencing partaking in the act.

“No, [I’m not a professional ass-eater], not yet,” he said. “I need more work, I ain’t done it a lot of times.”

Meek Mill Rates His Own Ass-Eating Skills: 'I Need More Work'

When asked what he’d rate his ass-eating skills out of 10, Meek Mill gave himself a six and revealed he was taught how to do it by a woman from Philadelphia. He claimed ass tastes like “unseasoned lamb chops” before admitting his craziest sexual act was spitting in a girl’s mouth.


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