During the roughly three year period since he initially signed with Aftermath, Bishop Lamont has been releasing a steady stream of mixtapes. “The Confessional” [click to listen] was in position to be the fifth official mixtape before Bishop‘s debut album is released in October, when DJ Strong allegedly leaked a tagged version on June 7. The leak prompted Bishop to pay a visit to DJ Strong, which was captured on YouTube [included below]. During a recent conversation with HipHopDX, Bishop explained the backstory behind the leak and his confrontation with DJ Strong.

“Dude sold my masters to a couple different dudes here and in France for like $300 to $400 a pop,”
says Bishop. “That’s some petty, small-minded shit. I can count on three fingers the amount of times we talked before this situation happened. Now all of a sudden he wants to jump on and piggyback my shit, and fuck my shit up.”

Bishop also adds that the situation could have been avoided saying, “I really did reach out to dude. I was respectful and tasteful about it, because I talked to him the day before he leaked the shit on purpose and did that fucked up shit. I said, ‘Yo, chill out. I’m only doing this with my man [DJ] Whoo Kid, and that’s what it is.'” The confrontation got heated due to the potential for unreleased songs from the Aftermath vaults being leaked, in addition to Bishop‘s own material from “The Confessional.”

“I had to get things under control to where I could explain shit, because Dre thought possible records for Detox got leaked,” explains Bishop. “I was writing a lot of records for that as well, and one of them might’ve got leaked. Once I explained the situation to Dre, he was like, ‘Man, you should’ve stuck a gun in that bitch ass nigga’s mouth.'”

Although DJ Strong didn’t admit any wrongdoing, he issued a public apology for actions he thought were “contrary to my normal work ethic, in regards to my artists and mixtapes.” An official version of “The Confessional” has been released to positive reviews, and although no firearms were pulled on DJ Strong, Bishop Lamont says there is no love between the two parties.

“He calls his lawyer after stealing my shit, talking about I pulled a knife on him,” Bishop tells HipHopDX. “Did you see a knife anywhere in the YouTube? Why would I stab you when I could just knock you the fuck out? I had my arm around him, and I could’ve just head-butted him and he would’ve fell out in the street. It’s nothing.”

Now that everyone has access to the real version of “The Confessional,” Bishop is pleased with how a negative situation was turned into a positive one saying, “What the devil does wrong God makes right, so we have to thank DJ Thong for that one. I thank you, you bitch ass nigga.”