Method Man said he doesn’t “give a fuck” if rappers use ghostwriters or not, just don’t try to call yourself a GOAT rapper later down the line.

“I don’t give a fuck,” he told Math Hoffa while a guest on his barbershop conversation series My Expert Opinion. “I mean I don’t give a fuck but when you wanna talk about top five MC’s you already eliminated yourself.”

He continued, “But now with these top five’s and shit motherfuckers is tryna trunk n-ggas with… MC’s and [rapper’s] are different I get that, but if you got MC’s you going off lyrical content I don’t give a fuck how many records this motherfucker sold, or what his influence was on the fucking fashion industry and shit like that. You know certain n-ggas, when you hear they verses, they pay attention because you know this n-gga bout to say some shit.”

Method Man is currently hard at work on penning some new verses himself, and this time it’s alongside his son Sha. Per Page Six, the Wu-Tang veteran made the announcement while performing at New York’s Irving Plaza.

“Method Man introduced his son to the crowd and let everyone know they are working on an album together,” an attendee told the outlet. “It was a really cute, proud moment.”



Method Man has collaborated with Sha before, but never to this extent. Sha is also no stranger to rap, as he goes by the pseudonym PXWER. The 26-year-old is even in a group called 2nd Generation Wu with Sun God, Young Dirty Bastard and iNteLL, who are the sons of Ghostface Killah, the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and U-God. Method Man had previously rapped alongside the group on 2020’s “Next Generation” remix, and judging by his recent comments it’s safe to say they all penned their own verses.

Watch another segment from the sit-down with Math Hoffa below.